distribution center

  1. L

    Has anyone ever transferred to another distribution building?

    Is it possible to transfer to another distribution building? If so, how long do I have to stay in my current department before I can transfer? I wont be changing key, but it will be a different department in a different building.
  2. SunnyShine

    Update: Outbound (Women, please read)

    I'm thriving. As a single woman in a physical labor position who also goes to school full time, I have never felt more feminine in my life. I'm regaining muscle, I'm gaining knowledge on the side, and I feel like a force not to be reckoned with. After many heartfelt tears hidden in the trailers...
  3. SunnyShine

    Target Dist. Center

    Hey all! Just got hired on. I'll be outbound, would love to connect with someone who can tell me more about what it is exactly that I've gotten myself into. ☺ Stay groovy - Sunny🌹
  4. R

    Distribution Center Orientation

    Hey everybody I received an email saying that my pre-employment screening is complete and now have an orientation date. I called HR and asked if this meant I had the job due to the fact I need to leave a notice with my current employer. Does this mean I have the job? I’m confused.. HR also told...
  5. bullseyeguy

    Transfer from DC to store

    I am thinking about putting in a transfer to a store from my DC. I heard that the pay you have at a DC is carried over into a store. If you do get a transfer approved would you be put in a management position at the store because your pay is already higher than most TMs? If I do put in a...
  6. R

    Archived HELP! Reverse Logistics: Problem with merch sweep

    We recently got word from the distribution center that we sent back merchandise for a sweep that wasn't supposed to be sent on it. (No idea what that could have been.) To fix this, they're telling us to create a transfer on Workbench. How in the world do you do that? I know you normally scan in...
  7. notfit05

    Archived Fall season overtime

    anyone hearing anything yet on overtime for fall season? We typically have all we want but with the recent change in the way things are slotted and new hires it's rumored ot will be scarece but I don't believe it . Opinions ?
  8. L

    Archived Distribution Center Salaried Jobs

    Just wondering if anyone can give a store side guy a little more info on RDC positions. I'm looking at a salaried position and am wondering what all positions are salaried within a DC. Is there a difference between a Distribution Group Leader and Distribution Operations Manager? Just curious...
  9. M

    Archived Distribution center

    I was offered a conditional job as long as I passed the drug and background. It'll be a week exactly tomorrow I went in for the interview on Monday. I still have not received a email or phone call confirming that I passed background and drug test. I have a friend who went in for the same...
  10. P

    Archived Distribution Center Hiring Process

    HI all. I had an interview at a Target DC and didn't get the job offer on the spot. Does this mean I didn't get the job? I wasn't asked to take a drug test or a physical assessment but told they'd be in touch with me within a week. Does Target usually hire on the spot and if I didn't get hired...
  11. C

    Archived Any other FDC employees out there?

    Outbound manual team here. On H key. I didn't know if anyone else on here worked at one, I didn't many threads about it