1. R

    how bad is a open ESIM bin latch?

    Ecolab came in today and looked at my ESIM bins, one bin the "FL" bin was unlatched so she took a picture of it and told me it shouldn't be open unless bin has no latch on the lid. So my question is how bad is this open latch that Ecolab took a pic of???
  2. V

    Archived Esim

    I had trouble finding current info on the new esim process with zebra. Reached out to other stores and they had the problems. Today I got info to to type in "processing esim" for instructions and I'm now able to do it.
  3. reverselogistics

    Archived ESIM LABELS

    Does anyone know what the deal is with the ESIM labels coming from Guest Service lately? The printed labels on the defect merchandise just say ESIM instead of ST, FL, O, CA etc. This just started about a week ago at our store. It kind of makes sorting pretty difficult.
  4. R

    Archived ESIM sorting

    Since defectives moved to the zebra I was told that we do not need to use the pda to sort ESIM into the bins, is this correct? I assume this means I just read the tag and put it in the bin without sorting. But that doesn’t seem right to me. Help. Please.
  5. K

    Archived So stores get fined for unprocessed ESIM?

    We were just informed today of this. All ESIM ST charge back must be done. Apparently anything left 0ver if finable. We got hit for 14k per ITEM not dcpi. Another task added to Backroom without the hours to actually do the job.
  6. M

    Archived Flowteam Safety Concerns: Baler/pallets/spills/certification etc

    Hey all, just joined the forum, thought this might be a good place to go after coming here a few times and not being a member. So...I've worked at Target for 3 years now on the flow team. I do the blackline/backstock side of the line for the unload. It was hard enough to do all the backstock...
  7. T

    Archived esim shortcuts? new to recieving and have a lot to sort

    im new to receiving and have not been trained yet i know how to sort esim but i have over 30 bins to sort thru that the last receiver left do i really have to sort all of them since they are already processed or can i just schedule a sweep? any advice would help