national meeting

  1. S

    Fall National Meeting

    Now that COVID is over, the FNM is back in MN. Any insights on what upcoming plans for the upcoming future? Mine bring the specialty teams back company wide.
  2. E

    2023 New pilots?

    Hearing rumors of new pilots for certain groups in R400. Anyone heard anything? Themes might be HR and GM.…
  3. L

    Fall national 2021

    Usually we chomping at the bit when it's time for the fall national meeting. Are there any significant changes happening?
  4. starmaster1000

    Fall National 2020

    So is it all virtual this year? What's the 4-1-1 on stuff? Someone pls.
  5. L

    Archived Fall national 2019

    Anything interesting in the pipeline?
  6. KillerTL

    Archived Fall national

    Anybody hear about anything? Any other changes coming soon?
  7. Redzee

    Archived Possible topics at Fall National Meeting

    Be funny. Be serious. Go.
  8. W

    Archived Fall National Meeting

    Anyone hear anything good yet? :D