Archived 2 family members working under same ETL?

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Jul 13, 2011
Can 2 family members be in the same work center? i know one couldnt be a supervisor over one, but was told today 2 family members cant be in the same work center under the same ETL.
our flow team had two brothers on it at one point.... no one said anything about that...
our flow team had two brothers on it at one point.... no one said anything about that...

i didnt think it was a problem, guy wanted his brother to come work flow and pick up a few hours, they shot him down saying they couldnt have the same supervisor. Which is stupid because they still have the same STL even if they are in different areas
There's a Guest Service TM at my store whose brother used to work there too as a cart attendant. Of course, the ETL-GE that hired both of them is no longer with Target...
We have a number of family members on the flow team, brothers, husband and wife, cousins, etc.
Since they are some of our best workers nobody but nobody will be saying anything in the negative.
I know a Sr.TL whose son works under them.
I have two sisters on my team. There's a GSA and cart att that are brother and sister. We have a lot of family members at my store that rule is dumb
I personally think it all depends on your store . we have numerous family members .. team leads who date non team leads and so on
At my store we had a kid that wanted to work in the deli, but, his brother did so he couldn't. According to my HR at the time TMs that are related cannot report to the same ETL.
we have a lot of family members working in our store under the same etl,husband/wife,brother/sister,brother/brother,mother/daughter ,mother/son........for the record I am not related to any ome who works for Target anywhere,they have all been warned.
I have a sibling who used to work at my store. Said sibling was a softlines brand TM and covered GSTL breaks a few times while I was working. My store's leadership didn't seem to care.
I have had 2 sisters work in softlines and the Front together. Married couples working on flow together. As long as they are TMs, no problem. As soon as one is a GSA or TL, or ETL, then you have a conflict of interest.

Then I believe AP cannot be related to anyone at the same store. HR and STL are the same.
I want to say that bp is that relatives are not to be in positions where one reports to the other or they report to the same supervisor. BUT, I believe that like most employers, Spot will look at it on a case by case basis. My store has husband/wife, sisters, mother/daughters/son and in law combos, but all on different teams.
When my spouse worked at my store, it was as long as one didn't report to the other.....we worked together for awhile, and as soon as she started GSA training, I got run off the front end. Worked out great for me, not so much for her.
A mom and son work inLogistics flow team in my store. Mother pushes softlines while her son pushes salesfloor
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