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Hey so did anyone else see the message board for the Panasonic 3D TV? Apparently there is going to be a special 3D looping content for it that the SFT is supposed to set up. So does this mean we are supposed to get a setup similar to big department stores like Sears?


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That means we are going to have to have special wipes for them because I don't want to be blamed for spreading pink-eye to half the town.

But at least I can start putting on my 3DS images on the screen...
We put it up a couple days ago. My signing girl and I (PTL) did it, it only took a little bit to do it, it's pretty cool. there's a USB cable that connects into the tv. and theres a tray that the glasses sit in, that goes beneth the tv. The tv has a special stream and does not match the other tvs. it plays in regular 2d, but when you pick the glasses up, and the cord is pulled it switches to 3d!