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I'm Lost! 5 is what? 6 is what?

Aug 28, 2011
There are certain boxes that come off the truck and they look like the black text softline boxes but I think these have the red lettering. They have the same stickers as the softline boxes as well but instead of the higher numbers being circled the single digits are circled. These are confusing because the 5's I believe are 36's. The 6's are 35's? And the sevens are 37's is that right? If not can u please give me the correct numbers? And why are those boxes labled like that?
Jun 8, 2011
These are the repacks for hardlines. 5's are H & B which contain razors, toothbrushes, cosmetics, hair accessories, etc. 6's are stationery which contain pens, pencils, office supplies, party goods, gift bags, candles, etc. You could be correct about 36's, 35's & 37's Those I think are probably the block numbers the repacks should be placed on as they come off the truck. It varies from store to store. Our H & B goes on 28 & our stationery goes on 26. I can't help you with the 7 & 37. I don't work at a super Target, so it may have something to do with that. 1's are automotive/hardware, 2's are electronics, 3's are domestics, 4's are housewares. Then there are those labeled combos that could have several departments in them. So have I totally confused you or was this helpful?