Guest Services A day late, but hey, I'm a new Guest Advocate

Jul 2, 2019
I've already posted here before, but yesterday was my first day on Orientation. I'm currently a Guest Advocate but I applied for Electronics. I may be a Seasonal Electronics after getting through my 90 day trial and will then be evaluated on where my strength lies better in (or they'll ask where I prefer to be if I'm good in both) post-season. Either way, if I get through the 90 days, I got a second job here now, so yay for more stable pay overall! I already like the store and employees (the store manager and HR people are amazing) and made friends with the other orientation person very quickly. If you can't tell by my profile picture, I'm also into anime (brownie points for those that can recognize which character it is without looking for a source) and I'm a pretty outgoing guy.