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Jul 20, 2012
What exactly is a GSTL? I was offered this job because ofmy experience in retail management. In my previous job I did EVERYTHING from clerical to purchasing new products for the store and meeting with possible vendors. Obviously I know I won't be buying products or deciding what they should sell in their stores. But, what will my job require? I tried to ask these questions previously but everyone I interviewed with seemed to be in a hurry. Also, I will be getting paid 16 an hour. Is this usual? Should I be getting paid more? I believe the recruiter did tell me that pay for GSTL starts from 14-16 per hour but I am not too sure.
You're going to be filling the role of the Customer Service Manager.
That's pretty solid pay for a GSTL. In my area, they start around $10.50, but the rates vary in different markets. They've probably given you good credit for your past experience.

Guest service team lead. Basically, you run the front end, keep things under control, and deal with the cranky customers.

This, and maintaining the checklane endcaps and See Spot Save area. Keeping them full, dropping batches for the Backroom team to pull, rotating planograms, and the like.
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