Annual TL Reviews 2016

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  1. Well guys, it's here. My ETL-HR just sent out the first email stating that we should be looking at the new grading system and also attached the new TM review form. Everything looks exactly the same except for the grading. The 3 options vs the previous 5. Definitely not ready for this already. What do you guys think AE2017 will bring?
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    One thing I don't miss as a TL is the never ending online things, especially the reviews. Getting time off the floor to not only do your own, but 15-20+ team members are :mad::mad:. Good luck TL's!!
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    Different scoring system same BS.
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    So how are Target yearly reviews? Im seriously nervous because I always think I'm amazing and then we get to review process...its lets tell nokiddies a years worth of stuff they COULD of done better. I hear its impossible to score anything above a 3 and only 10% raises are given.
  5. You might get a .05 cent raise.
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    LOL 10% raise?

    Now that the two year long pissing contest with Walmart is done, we'll be lucky to see a 5% raise.
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    Back when I first started, everyone in the store got a $1.00 raise, no matter what workcenter or shift. Would be awesome if history repeats itself...
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    They raised minimum wage a dollar in my store. Everyone with a merit based raise had it taken away.
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    Well for the past two years they have been raising the base pay to match Walmart. They moved it to $9 in 2015 and $10 in 2016 and Walmart seems to be keeping it at that level. I don't see it happening this year.
  10. And hours got cut across the board to cover the raises.
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    God, I hate spending time off-stage for stuff like this. Our self reviews mean very little and the hour or so that I'm going to be spending coming up with shit and putting it onto Word is time wasted. Give me my score, let me know what you think I can improve on, and lets be on our way.

    As for AE, I would love to see them trial better payroll for the year. Better pay, happier staff. Happier staff leads to better productivity/dollar in most job fields. People that are making more are more willing to put in that extra effort to keep their job, as they actually have something to lose. That 16 hr/wk job is a joke for our TMs... but they unfortunately have to keep going to get by.
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  12. I have 30+ TM reviews to do as the only LOG TL, GL to me!
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    Good Luck indeed! The most I ever had to do was 28--back when we hand wrote them.
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  14. most of my self reviews go like this. you scored yourself what is deemed at the time the highest possible. yeah everything you said you did well was correct but this didn't happen so you're a x.

    ok, if you're going to review my workcenter, review my performance, write the damn review yourself.
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    I'm not all that crazy about the new review process. For the TM reviews our HR wants us to write a blanket statement for each classification and that is what is delivered to the team. According to my GE there is to be no personalization to them, in essence all of the TMs are getting the same, consistent message. I can get behind that part, but I also don't want the team to think we robo-wrote them. Some people perform much higher than others and I feel strongly that they should be recognized.

    As for the TL reviews I'm bummed because if we were going on the old rating system this was the year I had enough leverage to give myself a higher score than last year -- I have had more success in this position than in the last two.
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  16. As a new TL I haven't got a clue about how to write a review. For the self review, do I use the standard review form used for all TMs? Since I went from softlines brand tm to GSA to GSTL in a very short time do I deserve a very good review? Should my review only be about what I've done in my new role as GSTL? Thanks in advance, I'll appreciate any help I can get!
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    Your review should highlight what you did to get to TL. Did you turn around a red process? Did you captain new procedures?

    We follow a personal, team, and business format. What have we done to better ourselves, what development have we done with our team, and what impact has what we've done impacted metrics. As a sales floor TL, our main metrics are sales and sales floor speed. Yours will probably be service (via guest surveys), sales, and redcards. In mine, I'm highlighting growth in many of my departments as well as a green sales floor speed metric (this is kind of insane because there was a week and a half where call boxes weren't playing their notifications over walkie so they tanked). I've also developed a TM into GSA with TL potential and am working closely with a TM already on the bench to get her mindset more on how operations are going than being really good at being a TM. As for my own development, I've been criticized over under-communicating and helping other too much to where I may fall behind on what I need to get done. This year I think I've improved on those things by leaps and bounds and my write up will reflect that.

    Partner with your ETL and peers. We've all been there and I'm sure they'll be glad to give you advice. There's not a whole lot to it and I'm sure once you sit down and actually put words down, it'll start flowing.
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  18. Review ratings changed for this year, so it's hard to know what you should expect to be scored. From the old scoring system, the 'unacceptable' and 'excellent' categories have been dropped and now all we have is IE, E, and O (I forget the new terminology). TMs and TLs alike are generally scored IE if they are new in their roles, unless you do exceptionally well.
  19. So it's just written as an essay? No form is used?
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    More like a list than an essay.