1. essie

    In-person reviews?

    I never had an actual sit-down review this year. According to my pay stubs I got a raise, but no review. I'm not complaining because I hate them so I'm actually relieved, but a TL I talked to said everyone is supposed to have an in-person conversation and sign off on it. She was confused how my...
  2. Yaz Pistasio

    mid year review

    what’s the ranking for mid year reviews ?mine was Champion… just wondering what was below that?
  3. L

    No review

    I did not get a review (or raise that I'm aware of) this year. Our store is in disarray being down 3 leads? and a Store Director. I talked to HR ETL three times with no results. Am I missing a step before calling the hitline?
  4. starmaster1000

    Merit Raises & Reviews: 2023 Edition

    Searched the forums and found nothing. My store started the conversations this week and I'm already hearing $0.04, $0.09, and other miserable bumps. If you feel comfortable sharing, feel free.
  5. F


    Does anyone have any information to share ? what is the rating system ? are there any written comments ? when happening ? has anyone been given theirs yet ? comments about scores ?
  6. N

    Are we allowed to leave product reviews?

    I bought All In Motion pants, which I only mention because it's a Target-owned brand and might be relevant. I like them and wanted to leave a review. Because I'm short, I like to leave reviews that might be useful to fellow shrimps (I do the same on Amazon), so it would be detailed and not...
  7. lokinix

    Evaluation Question

    Hi all! I was hired in October, prior to Q4, so I got an evaluation, so yay? How do these work? Is it your ETL that decides the outcome, or do multiple leads give official input? I ask because when I acknowledged mine, it said I was evaluated by someone I have never worked with directly...
  8. M

    when will annual employee reviews happen?

    A friend at another store already had his review meeting. when do most stores conduct these?
  9. N

    TL Reviews, what was yours like?

    I didn't get the raise/rating I wanted after working so ridiculously hard all year. That sucked. But aside from that, it was remarkably good. It was a real conversation that lasted well over an hour, and was free of unnecessary jargon and evasive corporate language. We actually talked about my...
  10. F

    2021 Team Member Reviews

    Any word yet on when TM reviews will start? I saw a TL at my store going in for their review. It shouldn't be too far off.
  11. B

    ETL Review scores

    Wondering what percentage ETLs received for raises this year. All four of us in my store got between 2.5-3.5% after having a great year in sales and metrics. Wondering if the lower scores were company wide or because our SD basically screwed us over. Other theory is that lower scores were given...
  12. jackandcat

    2021 reviews

    Any idea when your store's 2021 reviews will occur?
  13. C

    TL self reviews!!!

    Hey y’all! Well it’s that time of year and I just need help on what too include and what not too when doing this. It’s my first time doing this .. help
  14. B

    Answered What do I do about this bad Manager Review?

    I just got off workday and saw that some ETL filled out a "manager review". They said that improvement is needed on my part and that I struggled to work in a way that represents Target's Purpose, Beliefs, and Behaviors. But it doesn't make sense to me. I've zoned the areas that are required of...
  15. Megatron91

    Must tm sign CCA to be official?

    I got my review few weeks ago and was told wasn't doing good i disagree but meh but i only signed for the review and was told im on a 6 week improvement plan but have not signed any for that but verbal. So my question is would this be a cca even though i haven't signed or is that next step? I...
  16. P

    Answered Do i get a review?

    Hey, just wanted to see if you needed to be working at target for a certain amount of time to get your review? ive been here since november and havnt gotten one. is it because im too new ?
  17. S

    90 Day review

    So I’ve been at target for about 2 months now and was hired as a barista. Due to all of this stuff going on I have been all over the store. Today I was cart wiping and was doing a good job. Later after my 15 the team member who was supposed to be doing my job lost count of people in the store...
  18. R

    2020 reviews

    when are tm reviews supposed to be given this year and when does the raise start?
  19. C

    Closing TL self review

    Any closing leads that have finished their review? What did you use to base your goals? No metrics really apply since we don't oversee any specific department, just curious what others have done.
  20. I

    Self Review

    Hey, I was new to being a SE-TL last year. My ETL had me start outlining a self review and then I went out on injury right after. I never got a review or anything when I got back and we changed ETLs like 3 times. This will be my first self review. I suddenly got hit with the flu on saturday...