2021 Team Member Reviews

Nov 24, 2019
Any word yet on when TM reviews will start? I saw a TL at my store going in for their review. It shouldn't be too far off.
Dec 23, 2014
Last year was canceled. We never got any and just got the raise.
I don’t think they cancelled it at my store, but I took an LOA because it was when shit was hitting the fan in New York, and when I returned the never gave me my review lol. They said they had to give it to me, but I guess they forgot.
Jan 8, 2021
I bet nobody else had a team member use the N word during their review.

In context, it was them relaying a work story and using a direct quote of what somebody else had said. Probably the best possible case of usage.

But I think you could count on rather few fingers the number of people who have used the N word during their corporate annual review this year.

And yes, the TM was told to never utter that word in the building ever again, even as a direct quote.

So that's what I'm cracking my beer to tonight. LOL.