Merit Raises & Reviews: 2023 Edition

As a TL I dread delivering these insulting raises to TMs I feel the minimum raise should be 1% just for existing and making it this long , and those recieve the middle score should get 2-3% and then top score at 4% for TMs
That’s pretty much what it is already, it just gets prorated for TMs who got hired less than a year ago. 4% for top performers, 2% for middle, and I don’t know what the bottom one is because no one on my team got it. It was supposed to be 0%, but I saw a pic of someone getting .5%.
This is the first time as a TL that I was left out of the "calibration" of team members, so when time comes to deliver I'll be going in blind and raw. 100% chance that HR gives another speech about they expect us to "own" these reviews. Definitely getting cynical. My own review will determine if I stay this time, no more accepting being called average.
Is there a limit for DEO in a department?
It's more that there's a limit to the compensation that can be given out, not that there's a quota per se. It just works out as if there was a limit, since the store is going to spread out the raises among the departments somewhat, and people will be left out who shouldn't be. This is decided on the corporate side and your store doesn't have much control and certainly can't be as fair as they would like to be.
They got the bottom review, they were lucky to get anything... originally it was supposed to be 0% this year. I guess the question is why did they get the bottom review, Target's piss poor %'s for all tiers aside.

Also, the link's description has the decimal in the wrong place: 0.5 not 0.05
I know a lot of TM's that got the 0.5% raise and they did NOT deserve it. It seems like at our store more people got that low % than usual.

Not everyone should get an outstanding increase, especially with poor performance, but there should be a base cost of living increase in addition to a performance increase, or at least make the performance part a bonus. Target should be ashamed and embarrassed of even the best raises that people have been getting because even those are too low.