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Jun 21, 2011
Target can add yet ANOTHER failure to their long list of anything ending in .com. Some (I suspect MANY) will receive a letter in the mail stating that when you did your open enrollment online, NONE OF IT WAS SAVED. They conveniently placed all of us "errors" in the most expensive plan and tacked on the tobacco surcharge. You can call and have it corrected, but that is a step that is completely unnecessary and I'm sure they are banking on a certain % of folks that will not call and change it. It all sounds much too coincidental if you ask me. :mega_shok:
Woah that's not cool at all
I just checked and I did receive a confirmation letter - I hope that means all will be well.

I did hear during open enrollment that there were issues, and many team members had to call to be sure things were right. I was one of them. I kept getting an error message that would not clear so I called.

I will help pass the info on at my location if anyone is concerned - we do have until 3/31 to make any changes if needed. After that they better fix any issues - I know I can't afford what I do have - I certainly can't afford to pay the higher rates.

Thanks for the communication!
So I got a question... I called the TMSC to do my enrollment so am I ok since I didn't enroll online or should I call them to make sure?
I had to enroll 3 different times! As of right now I have no idea what I have. :D
In my confirmation letter, there was a additional letter that was printed on yellow paper. The yellow paper had the "we screwed you again" info on it. That, in turn, meant my confirmation letter contained the WRONG health plan, etc. I will have to call team member circle center on Monday (or before March 31st as the letter states). Dumb.
Hmm, I had no problems when I did open enrollment online. and a few days later I had to call the benefits center for another reason and the automated voice thing said that I was all set, but I never received a confirmation letter in the mail, However Ive moved and the letter may not have gotten redirected to my new address, but in any case should I be worried?

EDIT: I got my confirmation yesterday in the mail and didn't know it. everything seems in order.
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i went online to check after enrollment and i was enrolled in the junk plan with a tobacco surcharge. had to call to get it fixed. received mail confirmation, but i may call again just to be sure...
I reread my letter today and it says less than 1% of TM's that enrolled online were affected by the system error. Lucky me.
Got my letter today and it's right. Also, checked online yesterday and it was fine. All I could think of that's all that I need for them to goof that up.
you sent me running for my confirmation letter ,which I had not bothered to open,but all was as it should be,
I think you have till March 31st to vertify your insurance enrollment are correct. You should have gotten something in the mail.
Those things are like spam mail to me. I got so many for some reason I just throw mines to the side when I see it in the mail
I think you have till March 31st to vertify your insurance enrollment are correct. You should have gotten something in the mail.

Is any action required if you're not eligible for anything (i.e. not nearly enough hours)?
I got my confirmation but I'm gonna check again, just in case....
I got my HSA bank card but don't recall actually getting a confirmation letter lol. A GSA in my store got a dental card when she didn't actually enroll.....
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