Anyone else set Sandals today?

Well, we tried to talk the sl etl into allowing us to just tie all the new planograms for sandals and strappy shoes, but nope, "Go Ahead and Set them".

We are pushing to the back a full pallet of repacked slippers, & boots. Very little is clearance (8') and we only have 5 back endcaps for discontinued.

Why in the heck did HQ send down sandal planograms this early??


Hasta Ba Rista, Baby!
It makes sense. This is the time that swimsuits, sandals and select summer clothing get put back on display because winter is a popular time for cruises and vacations to warm destinations.
You mean....people....GO....on cruises? And vacations?!


Former Softlines TL
We seriously have 4 pallets of shoes sitting in the backroom. 5? aisles that are PTM... and the backroom aisle for shoes is completely full. WTF corporate... all of our neighboring stores have the same problem.
Well, I live in a "warm" destination and its not that warm in December for sandals. Slow it down Target, maybe just a 8' section of each gender, but not all or nothing!! We are losing sales big time on slippers and snow boots. Yes, even in Cali, we have snow, its just in the mountains where it belongs! LOL!
At least once a week I'll have a guest ask me if we have swimming suits or sandals, and it's very cold here in the winter. Also on our guest surveys we've had a few that said we should have year round summer/swimming stuff.