Archived Backroom Freezer Location Labels

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Nov 25, 2011
Our freezer location labels keep falling off. How is it done in your store?

Are there any freezer proof labels that can be ordered from TIPP?
Best suggestion I have aside from ^^^^^^^ that one ^^^^^^^ is to take the plastic pieces that the labels are stuck to OUT of the freezer and let them come up to room temp, then stick the labels on and let them sit for a day, THEN put them back in the freezer.

(This is assuming you have the same shelving units we switched to when we remodeled--if you have the older ones, my best suggestion is just accept the fact that you'll have to replace the labels all the time and don't get upset about it. Also, print a full set of the locations you have ["Create" the locations again in the BRLM function, it won't hurt anything] on white paper instead of label paper, laminate it, and keep it in the freezer somewhere. That way you can finish a batch without having to stop and print your replacement label first.)
With our remodel, we have these like plasic holders with the location lable in them that are strapped with little zip ties to the green tiers
we use the label holders for the loop pegs... swing label holders maybe? if you trim the inside lip just a little, they'll snap on and don't come off again unless you put a lot of force on it.
I was fixture captain for our remodel and got stuck with this same problem. But as others have said we used the zip tie label holders for case stock, and we put the location labels on outside of the freezer for the wacos.
If you have the green wire racks then they make this gray label holder that's about 5" long. They are very cheap (like $7 for 100) but they do the trick. We used to have the same problem and the only ones that I have had to replace is ones that are near the bottom and have gotten hit with tubs. It also allows you to put the labels on outside the freezer and replace wacos without having to relabel.
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