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Sep 6, 2011
Recently, I have been handed the task of pushing batteries to all the spots around the store after I'm done pushing mmb. Just wondering if anyone out there has any tips and tricks on how to do this quickly and efficiently.

No...they suck and always will because morons see an empty peg and shove on whatever fits..UGH! I asked my ETL if someone could zone all the spots on end caps because those are the ones that get crazy and now i just take whatever is in the wrong spot and if it doesn't easily go in another spot, call it reshop ,and put it in a hand basket for guest service. I am over dealing with them!!!
Weren't all stores issues a special tray-top tub divided into 8 sections and labeled "BATTERY CART"? We still have one.

We have one too, but I don't think it's been used as such since I started working here.
Mine is following apart. A cart is much faster. Try it, but some stock stuff in it. Speed is the key to get it done. Do frontend last.
We had that tub but it took up too much room in the stockroom and we needed it for the pulls. My electronics stock person uses a cart and hits all the side caps and front checklanes last along with the dvd's that go to the checklanes and the dvd's that are stocked on the endcap between toys and domestics.
When I've had to push batteries, I use a flat with a shelf to hold all my batteries. I also grab a bunch of empty dvd repacks. I take everything to the batteries home loc and fill that first, then check the additional locs for everything, and sort the batteries based on that. I use one repack for side caps, one for all checklanes, one for CL17 (its endcap is only batteries, all the time), and another for actual backstock. I also keep a repack on the bottom for hearing aid batteries and batteries that go to One Spot. Batteries that haven't been sorted yet stay on the bottom of the tub.

I haven't been able to push for more than an hour using this method, because I usually get pulled to do other stuff, but it worked well for that hour, lol. Make SURE you have a PDA do to this.
We used to have the battery cart and it worked great,but it got eliminated and batteries are supposed to come out on the pulls with the result that we are always half empty,and the backstock in a mess.
If you can, use a PDA to sort the batteries by DPCI. Even though the packaging is the same, there are different DPCIs for different POGs. This is so that sales can be tracked from the various outposts to determine future placement, etc. Also, if you can do this it becomes much easier to just go to a location of a particular pog, fill and move on.
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