Best Team Results

Mar 5, 2021
It’s that time again, with HR wandering the building, trying to find out who was negative on the annual survey. Don’t they realize this just makes morale worse? They come into our work area, disrupting things, asking how do you feel, putting you on the spot. It’s anonymous, at least until they can figure it out. just let me come to work, do my job, and go home.
Hr in our building is going around asking for input. They have to get a business plan together, based off of results, to improve in the future. The problem is, most of the people that marked things unfavorably did so in spite and don’t have any actual solutions, just things they perceive as problems.
Ours told us if we hadn't already spoke up about an issue to leadership it wouldn't be fair to include it on the survey now....intimidate much?

That is some bs from leadership right there…😡
I don't think they should be intimidating about it, but as a statement it does make sense. Leadership can't be in all places and may not realize that something is happening or is a concern unless you tell them about it.

Obviously, if they are aware of something and it can't or won't be addressed all bets are off.