Archived Can I get some assistance in Seasonal with a spill?

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Trollin the front lanes
Aug 20, 2012
And NO! I am not going to write a GTC for you either!

Hello all! I'm new to the BR, but not to the Bullseye. I've worked for the company many years and would like to improve my rusty performance through other knowledgeable team members out there.

I am cross-trained in many basic sections of the store, but I have a found my calling through Ad Prep. From the day I first started, I was handed a stack of pre-printed paper ad to be located, torn, placed into the unorganized plastic 3x5 & 2x3 sleeves with those redonkulous ballons, wrapped thousands of rubberbands around sectioned off sleeves and throughly organize by aisle. I apparently enjoyed having paper cuts, dry skin, carpal tunnel, bruised, scraped and being stuffed into small corners of the store-hidden away from the public eye for many years after that. :wacko:

I also enjoy being a flakey employee, but I guess it is time I started being a little more professional and less "FFF". I look forward to chatting with you. :dance2:
Not open for further replies.