cheesy idea--need suggestions

we're going overnight for the btc set. i wanted to do something for my team, maybe some little candy bags or something. from a team member's perspective, would this be way too cheesy? i just wanted something to brighten up their night. i thought about using a little poem on a gtc on the bag....

M'azing bar for the way you work each day,
Extra gum for the little things you do along the way,
Now it's time to Take 5 and give yourself a hand,
This is what your worth at least 100 Grand!

what ya think? any suggestions?


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A little cheese is good for the soul.
It's a sweet and thoughtful thing to do.
I'm not sure what your team is like, some would appreciate it, others not care and there are those who would use it to sharpen their fangs.
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do you have a tm 'likes' binder? It should have a page from every team member and say what they like. Make the bags more personal and fill it with the stuff they listed. Another good tool for overnights is to have a drawing every hour for a prize, you could use raffle tickets or encourage the team to write safety cards for each other and you pull a car out for the winner. Ex of prizes for raffle could be free drink of your choice, or a $5 see spot save (one spot) shopping spree, or make a starbucks certificate (for your store only), or pick a $5 movie and a box of pop corn.

I like the raffle idea, it keeps the team engaged with safety and keeps them alert throughout the night.
update... as of today we were told no store in our district will get to go overnight for BTC/BTS set. we will come in at 4. anyone else told that? or is my etl yankin' my chain?