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Aug 30, 2011
Evening everyone!

Was wondering what your stores do for reaching out to your communities. I was asked to be co-captain for community outreach/donations at my store and I am just trying to get some ideas! Thanks in advance!!!!!!!
at huddle last week, my store was looking for people interested in volunteering to pass out canned food to school children in low income families. Basically these kids only real meals come from their school. So target supplies them with groceries so they can eat on the nites/weekends.

They said it's a incredibly rewarding experience, and I'm sure it is, it always is rewarding to help the less fortunate. Only problem is, as an hourly team member during the month of february, I fall into that "less fortunate" category. Right now, a rewarding experience to me would be volunteering to accept charity donations lol.
Our store partners with Goodwill Industries, St. Vincent de Paul (backpacks and school supplies), the local food pantry (we're a p-fresh store and give daily donations of bakery and produce), and the local animal shelter (broken pet food bags, litter, etc.) and the women's shelter (appliances, baby items, etc.) We also participate with Relay for Life, Meals-on-Wheels. and help with meal preps at the Ronald McDonald house. Donations are made to school and community fundraisers, too - usually gift cards.
We donate time at local soup kitchens, paint murals in the halls of local elementry schools, read books to kids, have raffles(TMs only) with some seasonal displays that are sellable and donate the proceeds to United Way. We have a bunch of other one time events we do, but these ones are pretty regular through the year.
Our store has done highway clean ups, reading to children, painting murals, shopping for the elderly, and donating to different schools in our area. It's been a little lean this month. Our store just got a new ETL-HR so it might take another month to get back into the swing of things.
Awesome Ideas! Keep them coming...... My store wants to have the highest number of Volunteer hours for our district for 2012...... We have been fairly lacking in years past as far as volunteering. Thanks for your help!
Call the local Humane society and have a pet walking crew.
Delivering meals to elderly and shut ins. Most communities have these programs and they are always looking for drivers
Partner with a local grade school. With all the budget cuts schools are facing there will be an area that they would love volunteer help
Salvation army serving dinners
Before cold winter hits, have a mitten and hat drive for the local homeless shelter
Highway cleanup crew
No thanks.

I volunteer 5-10 hours a week through my church. I don't need to be a walking billboard for Target without getting paid.
I volunteer 5-10 hours a week through my church. I don't need to be a walking billboard for Target without getting paid.

That's great you volunteer through your church. I don't volunteer with Target because I want to sponsor them, I volunteer because I like to. And the fact that I get to volunteer with people I know makes it better. I love that Target puts an emphasis on volunteering. It truly gives back to the community in which I live. I also haven't been paid for one volunteer event I've done. It's all done on your off time.
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