Confronting Guests “Sampling”in Beauty

Unfortunately, the current generation has become arrogant. If I were you, I would immediately say it is unnecessary to behave like this. Moreover, I would likely have demanded a fine for the damaged goods. I have been working in the field of cosmetology for 5 years. I am currently undergoing an additional qualification at By the way, the girl is too young to make a manicure. I always try to tell my parents about it. No one listens to this advice.
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I’ve walked up to guests and said, “Do you just want to hand those over to me? We can’t sell them after they’ve been opened. Did you know you can return our cosmetics? I’m sorry, but we don’t have testers.”
Works every time ;)
Yes this works at the moment for interception but so many get away with itnits icky. We actually had graffiti using the nail polish on those plastic panels in front of the polish display. Also an over 35K "loss" reported last one fired...better check camera placement.
I block any attempt to open packaging, and simply quote our very generous return policy. I have been getting a little upset at the mouth breathers who can't properly open a heyday package without ripping off the top.

Sampling is not a thing, I never want to invite window shopping that would fill up an endcap with mark downs, especially since this could invite them to come back later and pickup the same product cheaper. The internet is a thing, if you want pictures of it then there are high resolution pictures on the internet that are more than what your dollar store glasses can handle viewing.
Our AP leader told us years ago "Not to confront guests over anything, ever" you'll get yer ass shot or stabbed. Beauty products are (or were) fully reimbursed by manufacturer after being defected out... and make your override to TOSS.... Do NOT Salvage that tainted shit. Yer RLE will hate you less if you do it right....
There are full-service department stores and beauty boutiques -- i.e. Nordstrom, Macy's -- with sales staff empowered to offer personal samples. Target is not one of these. We are a self-service store with generous return policies. If a guest wants personal sampling, a full-service boutique is a better option, though products will be higher-priced. Methinks part of the problem is guests who expect high-level concierge service at self-service bargain prices.