1. mizl

    Guest Services Extra GS Sodastream boxes?

    Long story short - too many Sodastream canisters and not enough boxes. If I call the shipping manager on the label will they send more boxes?
  2. D

    Reverse logistics

    I'm a GA/GS TM. Sometimes when I go to defect something out, it says it has to go to reverse logistics. One day soon, I'll find this very special place LOL, but what is it and why do things go there instead of the normal defective sort (like toss or salvage). And why the heck would MILK go to...
  3. T

    No Receipt Exchanges

    My store has been cracking down on being stricter with no receipt returns and exchanges, but I've noticed everyone I work with in guest service handles these situations differently. For example, a guest came with a broken air mattress that was worth $100 and wanted to exchange it, but didn't...
  4. Amanda Cantwell

    Soda stream Returns

    Hi all! What do you all do with defective soda stream returns? I don’t mean co2 exchange, I mean like someone bought a whole sodastream kit (with canister and machine) and it didn’t work? Defecting it out comes up FL (ESIM), however our receiver told us that the machine must go CRC and the...
  5. L

    Guest Services Super Stressed

    So I was trained at guest services today (my first time in the guest service area) and it was so stressful. I felt like a whole mess. I thought it was just going to be simple returns, exchanges, pickups, etc. My trainer was super nice but i felt like i was so annoying since i had to ask for her...
  6. J

    Guest Services Possible help?

    I was trained on GS finally ( normally a cashier) and someone who was training me said from now on to grab a walkie and a zebra in case they start pulling me to work GS. Should I, or should I just not bother? I know normally cashiers don’t need walkies, hence why I’m asking. Could I get in...
  7. KarmaToBurn

    Store Front Returns

    Does anyone know of any way to get the TCIN number if Guest Services does not attach the slip?
  8. starmaster1000

    Guest Services Light Gray Bags?

    Everyone's been commenting that our new batch of plastic bags is this ugly light gray color. Have y'all gotten this too?
  9. T

    New to guest services

    I’m new to the break room and new to target in general. I’m a junior college student and just started at my store for the summer a couple weeks ago. They’re primarily keeping me in guest services and I’ve just found it’s taking me a longer time to get things down. I understand simple returns...
  10. starmaster1000

    Guest Services Fisher-Price Recall Scams

    On the recalls page and the gift registry kiosk recalls area, listed is: 4/12/2019 Fisher-Price Rock n Play Sleepers Of course, this has spiraled into 10-20 of these a day and guests demanding we override the Merch Card to cash as apparently some mom FB group (or a highly intelligent...
  11. B

    What should I do?

    So i'm a new GSA. My service desk accidentally left the register open for about two minutes. No money was stolen and it was a honest mistake. She's a very hard and dedicated team member. Should I notify my LOD or just let it slide?
  12. starmaster1000

    Guest Services No Receipt Return Price Chop... Do You Adjust?

    If y'all ain't worked Guest Service in a while, y'all may not know this, but POS' no receipt price for many items is drastically less than the tag price (I'm talking 50-85% less). This lady brought some LEGO sets and they sell for $19.99 but POS is all Rick Harrison about it and was like...
  13. J

    How to search for the TM that completed a flex order?

    Hey team, does anybody know how to look up which team member completed/stored an OPU order? When I try to use order inquiry on the PDA it gives me some generic error or does nothing
  14. jackandcat

    Damage discount

    In your store, if a guest brings up a usable-but-cosmetically-damaged item, how much of a damage discount does your allow you to offer to the guest? Also, if a guest brings up fresh fruit or vegetables that are obviously close to spoiling, how much of a "damage" discount does your store allow...
  15. S

    Guest Service Metrics

    Is there any way to track how many red cards a certain tm has? I know there used to be reports you could print out, but I can't find anything in Greenfield.
  16. B DPCI's Missing

    Has anyone encountered online only item returns that are still on the website but won't scan in stores? The item also doesn't have a DPCI in the online item description. It's happened to me twice in the last couple of weeks. We made it right since the guest just wanted to exchange but I'm...
  17. S

    What to do with defects

    So I have never really been taught what to do with defects except for when it happens and I need to ask. Could someone help me out with the following questions? Assuming it's all for hardlines (not market or soft lines) 1. When do I use override to toss? My TL did this for broken glass but is...
  18. 1

    Guest Service

    How do you approach guests? What phrases do you use since we cannnot longer say CAN I HELP YOU FIND SOMETHING?
  19. C

    LOL ideas on having only two carts at guest service

    I feel like it’s a freekin fail who tf has the time to go around the Entire store LOL! Every department has its own fucking cosmetics and electronics and every department! LOL I think this return cart will take a freekin 8hr shift to get it done or longer from guest service...
  20. N

    Guest Services Calling other Target Stores for Guests/How to use Phones

    Hi guys, I have 2 questions for you all relating to calling other Target stores for guests and using the phones in general: 1. Guests will often ask me when I am working at the service desk to call another store for them and ask if they have something in stock, if they will hold something for...