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COVID-19 New Cleaning Protocol

May 31, 2017
Starting on the 1st, were supposed to have a new cleaning protocol that involves (from what I was told) only 1 cleaning person who comes in at 7am to clean the store. Then clean carts one by one as guests enter.

Before, we were cleaning carts right after each guest was leaving and helping out the cart attendant collect and keep carts full and organized.

In addition, they want us to set up the beauty table up front and offer disposable masks to those who don’t have them and encourage those with medical conditions to use our contactless options.

That’s have also started involving AP more in the matter of confronting those who aren’t wearing masks.

Those are all the details I know so far. There were never any comments on who is supposed to cover breaks.


May 9, 2020
Cleaning duties will be moved to the dbos and they are supposed to wipe down any high touch points in their areas 3 times a day start of shift after break amd end of their shift. Unload team will also have to wipe down all vehicles prior to starting the truck and dbos when they return them after pushing. Im sure there is more im missing but im tired
Nov 27, 2015
We clean them by the entrance and line them up a whole row at a time, filling a hole with a newly cleaned cart.
Jun 8, 2011
My cleaning person rings up guests for mask sales & cleans carts. It seems to be working, because of the hours given. Dbo's are cleaning their areas, along the roaming cleaner who walks the whole store & cleans. I think the lod listens to call outs on sales from tech & sends the cleaner out to the floor.