Considering coming back...


After 8 years, I'm officially a guest!
Apr 30, 2014
Hey, all!

I'm a former TM (Starbucks and flex, mostly, but was trained in other areas). I was there just under 8 years and, just like everyone, had some great days and some days I wanted to just scream until I went numb.

Well, I left for a government job that I was really excited about and unfortunately it's been a disaster. A lot of management sleeps with employees, sexual harassment floods the building, and I leave in tears most nights because I'm just so frustrated and disgusted. I've tried speaking up, I have statements on statements of sexual harassment I've been dealing with and no one wants to bother to look into it...and I need to leave.

I'm considering going back to Target. I know, I know, I'm crazy to even think about it. However, even on my stressful days, I still enjoyed what I did. I loved a lot of my coworkers and got along with my TL's and was a hard worker when I was there. I guess my question is, is it worth it? I see a lot of people talking about so much stuff being sent to the stores with no room for it, and just...a lot of negativity and stress. Has it gotten worse since I left? (I left in 2020).

My other concern is insurance. When I was there, I was under my parents insurance so it never mattered to me personally but as an almost 30 year old, I have my own through my current job. How would I go about getting insurance if I went back? Is it possible for a "newbie?"

Thank you for reading my novel here, and for your input. It's a huge decision to leave a government job, but man I miss not being sexually harassed/followed every day:(


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Feb 3, 2016
Insurance has gotten easier for newbies to get, but still takes some time. Depending on when in 2020 you left, things are more or less the same. So much depends on the individual store these days. Starbucks is probably the most similar to how it was. In my district, there is a push to make sure Sbux gets all of their hours, which is nice.


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Jun 10, 2011
If you work for a state agency it should be pretty easy to transfer to different department in the state.
You get first shot at any job openings that come up and not every place is going to suck like the one you're at.
Look at the openings for state work and apply for stuff even if you don't think you qualify because most places are hungry for people.
Target is familiar ground, so it seems like a good idea but you have a foothold in a place that could serve you well even though were you currently are at is not good.