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Sep 7, 2011
Hey i was looking in the gun a couple days ago and i saw that it said to destroy some of the missoni product! Whats with all this missoni stuff? It looks cheap to me! They said its a legal risk if its on the floor!! And must be destroyed!! Anyway i just found something else today which is a off topic but we have the food court and they just waste the food every hour that doesnt sell!!! Our team lead though saves it all for us in the backroom :)
Then your FATL is failing at following policy/best practice. Any food that is not sold and goes outside its freshness period has to be thrown out. It can not be given away to guests or TMs.
I definitely concur. Imerzan has called me out as a troll based on no evidence/knowledge of what it actually means to be a troll.

Well you, me, and the Op...I guess that makes Imerzan 0 for 3 lol!!! My guess he's either a shareholder or a teamlead in disguise lol!
troll attempt? whats that? I post my experiences here not fake ones.
Nah. I just enjoy my job for what it is instead of hating it like so many here do.

Btw op, your FATL wil probably get fired if you're actually serious..

Op didn't mean to offend if you were serious, I've just read some hard to believe stuff in my time here lol.
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this thread sucks and is now about trains
this thread sucks and is now about trains


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As Thomas would say... "I'm ready and rearing to rescue!"

"We have no time to lose!!"

God I hate that commercial.
GAHHH *stab stab stab*
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