Discount Number Changing

That is changing at a later date along with CVS employees who have the discount. I'm not sure how requesting a new card will work. My guess is
If you really want to know right now I recommend calling the store, for the HR-ETL, you retired from and ask them about the discount. I also recommend letting the store know what store is closest to you by giving them the number. All URLs for each store have it at the end. Just make SURE it's four digits long by adding zeros to the beginning. Store 1 would actually be 0001 while store 111 would be 0111
I'll let a retiree team member know. I know 2 of them that retired and I know that shops often at Target.
Since it wasn’t mentioned before and someone may be wondering. If you request a physical print it will be sent through store mail of your home store in about 1-2 weeks from request so check with your HR Expert. It is NOT sent to address on file.