1. E

    Discount Number Changing

    They are getting rid of using your TM number for your discount. Your new number is in Workday. Search Discount to find it. Your physical card and app/.com will need to be updated by May to work. There is more info on Workbench under this weeks (3/26) action plan (or whatever it’s called) I'm...
  2. C

    Discounts on target branded items

    when can we get the same discounts on target brands that we get on simply balanced?
  3. Y

    Employee Discount Misuse

    My dad used my employee discount for expensive items. I didn’t realize because he had been logged into my target app previously. If I return the items will it still be a problem?
  4. TheLycan

    Employee discount % and Redcard %

    What is the employee discount % again? And the percentage used when using a redcard on top of employee discount???
  5. Spotcat

    Tgtpay&benefits txt: How to know eligible items?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question or one already asked and answered. I received these txts today and was wanting to know what the eligible items were that get this extra discount. I went on the app and didn't see anything, which makes sense it's an employee's only offer. I didn't see an email...
  6. S

    Student discount

    Does anyone know if we can use our team member discount along with the student discount for college students? If not can we use our student discount instead of our TM discount since it’s more?
  7. Batteryguy556

    How do I reorder my discount card?

    My card is worn out, ragged, and soaked in all manner of fluids. How do I get a new one?
  8. C

    Possible Accidental Extra Adjustment on Item Price

    I bought a few items online about a week ago. One item didn't fit, so I brought it back in to return it. I also noticed said items are now on Circle for a certain percentage discount. Guest Service TM returned and rerung items to apply the discount. I walk away and everything seems fine...
  9. G


    I just recently started back at after many years off and I don’t have my discount card yet so I’ve been giving the cashier my number for them to type in. I’m not seeing my discount on the receipt? Does it not show or is it not being accepted? Yes I’m using my red card. Just curious. Thanks for...
  10. L

    Apple products

    Does my red card and team member discount work on Iphone purchases?
  11. C

    Red card and employee discount

    Are you able to use your employee discount on top of the red card discount? How about using the discount along with other deals like the circle app ? I’ve noticed at checkout it doesn’t apply both
  12. J

    TM discount at

    I saw this Reddit post that target team members are allowed to use their discount at apple, just trying to figure out if it’s true? Or if anyone else has done it
  13. T

    Discount and ship to different address

    I wanted to know if I used my discount card online can I have the items shipped to a different address that is not my home address on file?
  14. C

    How do you use employee discount?

    How do you use employee discount? Is it your ID badge or is it another card? Also do you have to be working there a certain length of time? Thank you
  15. T

    Target discount

    Do you still get the 10% discount after you retire..?
  16. D

    Anyone book hotels through that site on Target Pay and Benefits?

    And did it work out ok? Someone told me not to book through a 3rd party website. I'm not sure what they mean. We have never gone on vacation like this.
  17. versionDefect

    Service & Engagement Tax Exemption

    I have a friend who is a teacher and needs new school supplies. Are we allowed to use tax exemption with our discount?
  18. LittleMiss

    How does AP track discounts?

    I used my dads phone because mine died and I signed into target circle . He didn't take it off today and used the app. I'm such an idiot . Should I have him go return the stuff so I can pay for it ?
  19. J

    Employee discounts on cricut products

    Hi I was just wondering if the Employee discount card works on cricut items? I was trying to find a full rundown of acceptable items for the discount but can't seem to find anything lol any help would be appreciated!
  20. M

    Is lyft still doing free rides to work?

    Both of the vehicles available to me are currently out of service. I tried to call in but the hr team lead has told me that lyft is offering free rides to target team members. I Know that there is definitely such a thing available to team members who are getting the covid vaccine but she insists...