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Mar 30, 2012
My wife was employed by Target for several years as a executive level employee. Recentley she was terminated for changing her technicians shedule. She was not given a warning or anything.

1. Now they are deneying her unemployment.

2. Can they just fire someone like that ? Isnt there some kind of protocol " warning " they should have followed.

My wife was a exemplary employee, bringing Target thousands of dollars in revenue with her following. I guess this shows you how valuable employees are to them.
Ahhhh....of course.:good:

Did she change it so the person wouldn't be on compliance? Or late? Details.
She was a store pharmacist.

The girl was working several jobs to try to pay her student loans and my wife was tyring to accomodate her schedule as best as possible. However she never worked less. She always worked the proper number of hours. Only adjusting a small bit one way or another to give her enough time between jobs.
Well, that sounds like she was adjusting a schedule for someone so they wouldn't be late to work. I know her heart was in the right place, but.......
Ok, well I certainly see how you could interpret it in that way. I think its a pretty crappy thing to do given what she has done for Target. They could have at least given her a warning of some sort. Her heart is always in the right place. Thats her downfall and also what makes her a awesome pharmacist. Target has NO Idea the caliber of employee they have lost here. Unfortunate for all.
Spot is heartless.

I would be devastated if our pharmacist was termed. She has a 3.9 green guest approval rating for good reason!

Thank goodness your wife has her education and I'm certain she will find another position very quickly.
She brought many many of her guest with her from her previous store. She also built that pharmacy up as it was a new store when she started there. She will take alot with her Im sure. She actually had a guest tell her not long ago that they had a drug store not far from thier house ( 1000 yards ), however they drove the extra distance for her ! It was about a 20 mile drive!
I still cant believe she is being denied unemployment and her bonus.
Has she tried to fight back on the unemployment? A judge might take the no warnings into consideration. Worth trying.
Not yet, she was just denied. This is pretty fresh. We will fight it , we have no choice as she was the bread winner in our family.
She needs to fight it.
Spot has a policy of doing whatever it can to deny unemployment and it's possible that this time the ETL's didn't have their ducks in a row.
Your wife doesn't deserve this.
I hope she fights it and wins.
I'll keep you posted, any other comments or connections people want to offer please feel free. I thought about writing a few letters, emails etc. Not expecting much but just for the satisfaction of being heard. Although Im sure it would fall on deaf ears.
Also, what is Spot?

I am wondering because the store manger told her he would not fight her on unemployment yet she got denied anyway. Who makes these decisions?
Sorry, Spot is slang for Target's corporate offices.
It's possible that the ETL may have not 'fought' it but that's not Spot's SOP.
Her store manger " said " that he fought for her all weekend and seemed pretty upset to let her go. I really dont think it came from him.
fyi.... he was in on it (the stl). it wouldn't have went to the hrbp/dtl if he wasn't. the cowards of the firing world always use that "i was rootin' for ya, i'll put in a good word" stuff.

i feel for your family. was your wife changing the tech out times and adjusting her schedule in max? or was she adjusting actual work times? did the tech go into compliance? my etl adjusts my times all the time for my team. no probs.
The call was that she was adjusting her tech's schedule so it would not appear that she was late. Regardless if the tech worked the full shift.
Im not sure how big of a store it is. They just put in a produce section.
I will have to ask about the compliance thing.
What may happen your wife might changed the tm's schedule after the tm punched in. Spot may of caught her that way.
The call was that she was adjusting her tech's schedule so it would not appear that she was late. Regardless if the tech worked the full shift.

If she was changing a 'late' start time to reflect an 'on-time' start, that would be falsifying records. IE: she clocked in at 9:11 when she was due in at 9:00 & it was changed to an earlier time to keep her under the radar, that's falsifying records & there is NO wiggle room on that.
No, she didn't change the time of the teammember's punch, she changed the scheduled time. It WAS called falsifying documents by Target
If she changed the scheduled time AFTER the TM punched in, yeh, falsifying docs.
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