Distribution Center Orientation

Aug 15, 2020
they basically explained it this way at orientation but i heard that during outbound after a month i will be trained on equipment, still a bit unsure but it seems everything is pointing to no drug testing unless you damage something or get hurt
As a fellow outbounder who's trained on multiple PIT, you won't get drug tested unless you cause a certain amount of damage. Best way to avoid this is just don't do drugs 😏 Target policy. But, I will say they'd lose most of their employees if they drug tested the way some other companies do...
Aug 26, 2020
do they drug test at distribtuion center outbound that operate equipment?

That's funny.

No, no they don't drug test.

The junkies they have been hiring have entertained us more than anything else.

You haven't lived until you've watched a heroin addict in depal throwing a fit.