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Discussion in 'General Target Chat' started by sammi, Aug 11, 2017 at 4:59 PM.

  1. sammi

    sammi New Team Member

    Today, a meeting was called to squash a rumor that the E2E process is not working and the stores are going back to the old process. The ETL stated that the E2E process is here to stay.
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  2. masterofalltrades

    masterofalltrades Team Trainer

    The only wrong part of that statement I'd that stores are going back to the old process. Every e2e area in my store is a dumpster fire.
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  3. SFSFun

    SFSFun Ship from Store: Don't call it Ship To Store!!

    I've had ETLs and TLs tell me that other stores are dropping it or heavily modifying it. It is happening in my area without a doubt. The only false part would be if people are saying EVERY store is dropping it.

    This is going to be one of those things that takes ASANTS to a whole new level.
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  4. unknown

    unknown Team Trainer

    At my store, the market e2e part is working fairly well. But they don't do price change or resets. So it's e2e light.

    Softlines - fail! Week's behind on the VMG''s. Days behind on price change. They are droning in product and reshop. Everyday now after huddle, we spend an hour pushing softlines reshop. It's a fail.
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  5. Him

    Him Team Member

    ASANTS soooo rings sound here. Some stores are alright with the Market E2E, others is a shitstorm. Some are alright with the softllines E2e, some are not. Only time will tell as to what stores keep what "Parts" of end to end that work and scrap the parts that don't
  6. HRZone

    HRZone Sr. Team Leader

    This 100x.

    I don't think corporate will admit it's a failure before q4. If they change things it will be in January as they do every year.
  7. Planosss

    Planosss New Team Member

    Why is our back room a mess? There is always shit on pallets, uboats, flats, three tier carts, it's everywhere ,choking receiving , and all of backroom, and now it's spilling out to the sales floor.
    Today I had a guest approach me as I was walking by back to school and she says " are you guys putting out more stuff?" I said why ?is there something you are looking for , and she says " well I can't move around, the aisle are blocked with pallets and carriages, when will you be done so I can shop?" And I just looked at her like uhhhhh soon. But seriously, what a fucking mess!
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  8. bullseye1962

    bullseye1962 New Team Member

    We don't have quite the problem with the sales floor as much anymore but the Backroom is always a mess. We have fixtures and signing from sets 4 months ago on pallets just sitting around and with the mixture of vehicles it's hard to tell what is what anymore
  9. pfreshdude

    pfreshdude Team Leader

    We dont do price change or resets either but IDK how that would be even possible. Some resets are hours and hours and hours of planogram time and would require staffing outside of the "market" team. No way in hell we would actually be able to get most of that done on regular shifts We did push out two endcaps of clearance the other day though after they ticketed it
  10. MissCroft

    MissCroft Guest

    In cosmetics E2E, I don't do resets or price change. I push the truck, backstock, go-backs, zone to planogram, research, pulls and guest service.
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  11. tgtfla

    tgtfla Team Trainer

    Not a rumor at our store,we have already gone back.
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  12. BackroomAlpha

    BackroomAlpha Did somebody call for backroom?

    Our store has returned market, cosmetics/beauty and softlines back to the old order? They barely gave it a chance in any department, they just tried for a few weeks, didnt like it. Now when DTLs come by we pretend were doing it lololol pathetic
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  13. No I in Team

    No I in Team New Team Member

    The whole problem with this E2E is that it was never rolled out with a "Master Plan" complete with pert charts, go no go continuation measurements and other measurements for the business as a whole. Too many interlocking parts that were not involved in the planning stage.

    Prior to implementation, all participating stores should of have met a minimum staffing requirement along with the necessary equipment. Then payroll allocation should have been locked for each department within that store regardless of sales.

    For this thing to work going forward, you have to have minimum staffing and equipment to complete the task at hand everyday whether the freight/sales are there or not. Long gone are the days when you just needed to walk over to a scanner to find a location to get the job done.

    We see the failure by not having a comprehensive implementation plan by the wide variation and limited success at the store level.

    If they carryout the same type of roll out at the DC prior/during the 4th qtr, well let's just say we're in serious trouble come 4th qtr.
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  14. Nokiddiegloves

    Nokiddiegloves Yes. My hair is actually red.

    My store is actually sucessful in e2e. Are you having the right people lead the process? not just TL's either. The only departments falling apart are non-e2e work centers ei. Hardlines, backroom, planno, PC, and cafe/starbucks. Our VMTL wont touch the furniture focals because she has too much stuff to do in softlines. Backroom has no hours even on truck day. Planno and PC have limited hours. Well the fall on cafe/starbucks....is both TL's are complete Morons.
  15. Kartman

    Kartman Gimme Moar Ours!

    Same here.
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  16. Dc26

    Dc26 New Team Member

    Ours is doing well on it too, but it was rough for a while, especially for truck. But we've been without a logistics etl since April.
  17. No I in Team

    No I in Team New Team Member

    Here in lies one of the problems with this roll out, what is defined as success? How do you identify it? Measure it?

    Training matrices on the new processes and equipment?

    There should have been pert charts and training matrices out there for all of us with points of success given the scale of change we're going through. After reading through everyone's post, not all success is the same. However, failure is taking on a disturbing pattern.

    Spot has to get out of the mindset of just making sales as a sole sign of success. It's not. In my tenure with Spot, as long as you make sales and didn't burn payroll, your successful. This mindset is slowly pushing successful team members out as they often bear the brunt of such success.

    New hires, when they show up, often do not share nor do they demonstrate the willingness to put for the effort of the team member they replaced. Then compound that with the lack of a solid training program for E2E and welcome to failure.

    It's the ability to repeat a desired outcome over and over that demonstrates success. We can't even repeat it from store to store. That's a bad sign given that we all do basically the same thing.

    Theoretically as change progresses, no department should be bear any unnecessary burden as the new process comes on line either. Of course you will have issues, but these should be exceptions, not the norm.

    The problems we are having in my store are no where near as severe as those posted. We still have a core of Team Members who take the initiative to get things done. However, that number is slowly shrinking as those who are willing to take on more for less are just not sticking around.

    We come clean for the most part in the E2E areas as well as non E2E areas. Our issues come from not being staged correctly prior to implementation. I suspect a lot of us were not correctly staged prior to roll out and will never fully recover. What you're experiencing now will become the norm, not the exception until it is addressed.
  18. DaveHorton

    DaveHorton Guest

    True E2E has no backroom, plano or PC
  19. AmICrazy

    AmICrazy Team Member

    Don't think that will happen at my store, as we just moved to R100 and guess the RVP was the one that came up with E2E. I can tell you that we have struggled that past few week in softlines, due to workload, extra trucks, lots of POGs, lots of price changes, and attendance issues. Just hope our new RVP does not come for a few weeks, so can get caught up.
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  20. Stocker

    Stocker New Team Member

    This is the problem. We are not say like Amazon in the sense we can tinker with are process for a year and not worry about sales. If your a store were E2E is working congrats...but I am sure were its not working stores are either scrapping it or using a hybrid version of it. Not sure how your store is but they talk about sales every huddle at our store.