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  1. N


    Does anyone else feel like the team environment is gone at Target? I remember coming in at 10 or 11pm, working a full 8 hours with our team. 20 or so of us all eating and talking in the breakroom. Every couple weeks or do we would requestion breakfast items and they would feed us. We'd have a...
  2. L


    With this new truck process rollout, the PMTs in my group literally did everything. Takedown, build, move merch, put up bars in softlines, rearrange shelves and now we have to paint everything in the backroom. The kick plates for God's sake. Just today my Log asked if I could paint over the...
  3. LeadofEverything

    Curiosity is killing me, cats.

    From what I can tell, more info about official rollouts for modernization are being released. Leadership is not budging on transparency. Just a dibbit here and there. Probably, with good reason since Q4 is biting at our toes. However, some things have seeped through the cracks, and I've...
  4. S

    I'm Lost! SL Price Change

    Hey guys, Looking for some clarification on the clearance process specifically softlines. I'm new to the company and I am genuinely confused on how clearance works. My STL has come to me about my SL clearance being red. Anyways due to hours and staffing I only have team members available to...
  5. D

    Sales Floor Apparel & Accessories Modernization E2E Process

    I'm wondering if there's any softlines team leaders that have made the end to end process work? I work in a high volume, district store that has high expectations and expects us to model best practice. We have been in the process of making these changes work for us, but sometimes it's really...
  6. busyzoningtoys

    TL rant - Rising Expectations, Shrinking Resources

    Any of you guys feeling more and more like they are literally trying to performance out all of the team leads? 55-60m store here, constant green service visits, near the top of the district for sales, one of the top in the group for comps. Rockstar STL who will be promoted sooner than later...
  7. I

    Leadership schedules just got “modernized”...

    And as my username suggests, I’m still stunned. This will trigger a mass exodus that I can only assume is HQ’s desired outcome.
  8. T

    MEGATHREAD 2018-2019 Store Modernization Megathread

    This modernization will roll out in all stores 2019 but within a month for the pilot stores...they get to iron out the wrinkles
  9. G

    Store Modernization. what is it

    ive seen papers, memos and such about store modernization. whats that all about. they really dont give me time on the clock to check the computer to read up about anything. always PUSH! also they are talking a lot about scans for the week. any info would help.
  10. J

    Sales Floor Sell, Sell, Sell

    Last week we had individual meetings and numerous huddle conversations regarding selling. We have all heard about "adding to the basket" but this was a new level. I felt that I was told basically that you will greet every guest, and participate in suggestive selling (while running truck...
  11. J

    Another Beauty thread. I'm considering quitting, I can't do this anymore

    Basically I'm so sick and tired of the stupid management and their ridiculous unrealistic expectations. First of all they want us tt finish our trucks in less than 3 hours; however, they (ETLs and TLs) don't fucking understand that every day the cosmetic truck may be different, and sometimes it...
  12. S

    Hours at this time of year

    I've been scheduled four hours the last 8 weeks. I'm in market at an e2e store. And at least once every week I get called in for another shift because things aren't done. What is the point?
  13. S

    Price change and E2E not working

    My store is experiencing a crazy amount of salvage. Pretty much price change was NOT done for November and December. So none of the clearance prices were activated and it went from full price to salvage. Last week when infants reset 3 pallets were made for that particular area in one day. Is...
  14. Gororules

    Backroom dayside question.

    So I'm in a sinking ship right now. My store has a few ship from store team members who know backroom but besides them it's just me. I'm the only dayside team member and it's been like this for a long time. Does anyone else have this as well? I feel like I'm being taken advantage of and it's...
  15. A

    I'm Lost! Regarding Different Instructions

    Alright... So in a fairly recent huddle we have been told to be Guest focused. In my department, electronics, we spend far more time educating the guest on purchases and such. My store manager, who is the one that discussed it, is presently out on leave. (for a good personal reason) We are now...
  16. C

    Title changes?

    I've noticed on my new paycheck I am no longer a merchandising brand team member and now am an A and A team member. One of our softlines ladies has had her title changed to hardlines and several of the once brand members have been changed. I'm kinda irritated I wasnt informed of this but I guess...
  17. soyaxo

    Bye for real this time

    After nearing my third year with Target, I have been offered a higher paying position right across the street from my store. Thanks to End2End, I was able to refer to the new processes to elaborate more on my qualifications for the position I was applying for. I get to work in a department I...
  18. D

    End to end dead?

    So my store no longer does anything end to end. We started end to end in February. Pushed the thought of end to end very hard until back to school season in July. Once it ended in late August. Our store is back to the old old process of fast unloads and waving through freight. Our DTL even said...
  19. F

    Anyone lose there flow team yet

    All The dayside leaders are always making a point to tell us that there wont be anymore flow team soon and E2E will take are place during the day They have been firing people on flow for everylittle thing and the etls are watching us like hawks and coaching for every little thinh we do wrong...
  20. G

    I'm Lost! Need urgent help!

    Alright guys, you are my last hope. I work in flo, so I used to just stock and do some trash and that was about it, But recently there has been a change in the process at work, and now they want me to zone, shoot the aisles, make my own pulls and back stock. I'm fine with that, but the problem...