Electronics Black Friday Schedule

I'm curious to see how other stores' schedules are in electronics for Black Friday. We only have 11 TMs, 2 of which are brand new and only have a few days of training so far. We also only have 2 electronics TMs and one cashier for the opening shift, with no one else coming in till 4am. Is your store stretched thin? How many people do you have opening and what's your plan?
Right now we're looking at 5 electronics openers and 3 cashiers. From what I remember, we're going to run with 17-20 people in electronics with 12 or so cashiers.
Wow, I've gotta say, I'm jealous. We'll have 3 openers, 2 early mids coming in at 4am, 2 mids at 8am, 2 at 12 noon, and then 2 closers at 4pm.


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They got me doing game/toy runner & keep products filled with fast changes for toys & electronics all night.
Ugh, reminds me of last year... attempting to pull a pallet out at 4:30 to replace an already empty pallet of toys. We had like six people clearing the way for me to get through, sad part was that by the time the pallet made it to toys it was half empty!!!
I used tubs. I had other folks carry some products in shopping carts too. Pallets are too dangerous to bring out with all guests there. IMO!
Keeping it a steady stream of hot products with fast tm's pushing it out from backroom, made things easy for me & my team till we ran out product. Then bring out something else or differen to fill the shelf.


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Lol, i got you guys beat. 3 openers, 2 mid, 1 close.
If you only have 3 or less people manning electronics at opening. Check to see if the front has 1-2 extra cashiers. You can probably have them cashier at electronics while the 3 Electronic TMs help guests.
I know me and the Electronics team lead are scheduled to come in at 11:30pm Thursday. I think we have two cashiers to man the registers. After six years, it shouldn't be bad.
Revisions for 4 day and 2 day

How is the Electronics/Ent team member in charge of revisions going to do the revisions?

I set mine on Monday and NR on Tuesday AM. As for Weds, is someone coming in to do the new revisions that start on the 11/25 ?

I for some reason am not closing, which seems logical for Weds so i can set the new Revisions for the 2 day. And i dont even think we have someone doing them overnight (since no one is trained to do them at my store)

What would you folks suggest? My TL just thought about it when i mentioned it today.
Anyone else had volunteer? I just started but asked to work black friday. Also no one at my store knows if we get holiday paid just for 10:00 - 12:00 or the whole shift. I know last year it was just the two hours but someone from HQ told our ETL it might be diffrent this year.