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Jun 16, 2011
Can anyone explain the new video game system ESP and how it works with the "up to 9 games" and everything. It says the games do not have to be purchased at the time of the system and ESP but how do they get added on to it? Any information on this would be extremely helpful!

I work in the front so I only know how to add it post purchase. They have to have their original receipt with them. You scan the appropriate barcode on the ESP as if you are just selling the ESP. It will then ask you if this is for a previous purchase and you do K1 for yes and then scan their receipt. They then pay for the ESP and that is that. If anyone else knows more about the plan details with the 9 games I myself am interested...
they either buy it with the gaming system or 90 days after purchase (with receipt) and as far as I know you need to register the system with the 1 800 number or the website that is on the card. then any game bought within the service plan period (3 years) needs to be bought at target and they can add the games on by also calling the number or going to the website. pretty simple.
This is so SO SOOOO helpful. Now I can actually develop a 'schpeel' that might SELL those stupid things :)
1890–95; (noun) < German Spiel or Yiddish shpil play, game; (v.) < German spielen or Yiddish shpiln to play, gamble

Sorry, I can't help myself sometimes.
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