ETL has me "fake scanning" to keep up instocks scores + other instocks issues

My ETL-LOG always has our instocks team check our research with loc score, and if it's not green, he wants us to scan areas but void any scans that have a backroom location, in order to keep that score up. Aren't we supposed to actually earn good scores, instead of just BSing and keeping the salesfloor nice and empty, in the name of looking pretty for district? I'm getting very frustrating because there are serious issues on our instocks team (our only other instocks TM either can't or refuses to see the end goal of everything we do, and as a result does basically nothing properly, leaving me with lots of things to fix every single day), and I feel like as long as our scores are good, no one will do anything. Last week I let our score drop down to 13.8%, in an effort to show that seriously things are not "green" on instocks, but I'm mildly worried that that bad score will come down on me, since all the ETLs know I'm the only one who does instocks properly, and since in the past I've always gotten our score to green by the end of the week. I feel like faking scanning is a colossal waste of time, and I know my TL agrees with me, but I'm not really sure how to tell me ETL that he's wasting valuable hours. Should I let our scores drop, in order to show that instocks actually isn't operating correctly, or should I continue to spend so much time faking scanning? Or something else?

I've been assured by our ETL-HR that something is being done about the other instocks TM, but I've told my TL, ETL-LOG, ETL-HR, ETL-SF, and STL about these issues, and they all agree that he's basically deadwood, but so far he keeps getting scheduled! I have no idea what else to do; aside from telling everyone I can all the issues I deal with, Three months ago, I lined up like four people that would be great on my team (they've all agreed to train and they all have good availability), and all I need is someone to ask their ETLs if it's okay to crosstrain them. I understand that this week is bad for anything really, but I asked three months ago to train these people, and I specifically said that I wanted all the training done before seasonal hit. I'm getting incredibly frustrated because I feel I'm basically treated like the instocks TL, but I have no power to do actually change anything. The other TM doesn't do anything he's asked, even when a TL asks him to do something correctly, and he rarely notes down what he does each day (we have a daily checklist with RIGs, PTM, etc and another list showing which depts we scanned since right now we're not using the tasklist), so when I come in, I can't even count on the fact that he didn't do anything at all, because when he does, he still doesn't mark anything. My TL completely agrees with all of my concerns, but it seems like no one else actually gets it, which is why I'm debating letting all of our scores to go to s**t so someone will actually notice that our process is completely broken at this point. I'm sick to death of spending half my shift figuring out what he did wrong and then fixing it, and if things don't change soon, I'm going to ask to be taken off of instocks and be put in the backroom again. What do you guys recommend I do?

If it's relevant, I want to become a TL soon (I recently applied for BR TL at another store).
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my new teamlead was talking to me about this. "My friend is the instocks teamlead at another store and he had a really good point...if you didn't do instocks at all your scores would be awesome!!!"

this ************ pisses me off so bad. I'd rather do something tangible like earn the store money by filling holes in the shelves that to give a flying f--- about some score that is completely meaningless except to the type of person that is destroying this country!
not to mention the fact that on truck days we are running with one instocks team member instead of three and since we start our truck unload at six and it's usually done by 8, that gives the one instocks team member from 8 to 11 to do the days research. Needless to say A LOT of it does not get done and nobody seems to care nomatter who is told about it.

Has coporate realized instocks was a stupid idea? Are they in the stages of abandoning it?


Has coporate realized instocks was a stupid idea? Are they in the stages of abandoning it?
I can actually see this. Our ETL-LOG actually does a lot of our instocks scanning while watching Flow on the floor. I think the instocks team has maybe 1/2 members now. Haha
Void scans that are empty on the floor and have backroom locations? So your ETL-LOG is actually costing the store MONEY?
Yes, that's exactly what's going on. Our STL agrees with doing this because he's obsessed with scores, but it's such a huge waste of time and I'm sick of being told that I can't fix things (since half the time I can't shoot anything that we actually have in the back). I considered using EXF to fill these things without screwing up our scores, but then I was told that we're not allowed to use EXF anymore. It doesn't help that occasionally the BRTMs burn things like furniture and bulk plastic.


It doesn't help that occasionally the BRTMs burn things like furniture and bulk plastic.
I wouldn't automatically assume the backroom burns those two fill groups (although they are heavy) :D Flow is often responsible for those items not being on the floor, due to them not pushing EVERYTHING that comes off the truck.


The gun tells me that some of the items were scanned, pulled, and then backstocked, all on the same day. :/
Either you have some lazy pushers or lazy backroom. Haha

OR if it's furniture the item could have been pulled from the back for a Guest, but not taken from the floor. Triggering the gun to believe it's missing. Resulting in a total waste of time for everyone involved.
Don't worry, the numbers will get that other tm out the door. It will a little time to do it. Keep on doing your job correctly, as proof of following bp. It can be team effort. Faking scans as 1 tm did at my store, he was taken off instocks & is doing flow now, because of his numbers & tl's noticing no product on the shelf in certain areas.
So I should stop faking scanning, and then say that if the other TM did his job correctly, the scores would be better? I'm a little worried that it won't get pinned entirely on him, since for the past few months our scores have always been good, since I always fake scan when they ask me to.

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Research with loc will tell you that, as will the instocks scanning report. How will knowing our total scans help me?
I don't know how long your store has been faking its scans, but if possible, look up the total store scans from when your scores were red or yellow (when they weren't faked) and record those ASAP... Then keep an eye on the total scans your store has when the numbers are green! You will have less scans now then compared to back then hopefully so its proof... also write down your conversations with the leaders that tell you to fake the scans too! Eventually the leaders will get caught and you want your hands clean from that stupid situation! This is a perfect example of why I am sad with Target right now, not because the ETLs make these decisions (I have come to terms with these kids doing that)... but back in the day the DTL would have caught on to that almost instantly and tore them a new one! Now they walk the race track and don't dig any further than that...
Our scores haven't been red once since I started on instocks four months ago, and I don't remember the last time they were yellow, to be honest. I'll look this up tomorrow and see what I can find out. I don't think we'll really have lower scores though, because we still scan as much as possible every single day, it's just that sometimes it's fake scanning. :/


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This is absolutely ridiculous. The only way to improve your scores long-term is to suck it up and be red for a few weeks or so. Your ETL is very short-sighed. There is a reason that corporate says you are still green as long as you're under...what? 8% outs/research with locs? I can check tomorrow for the scoring guidelines, but we've been green for the past year. InStocks is not a perfect science and should not be treated as such. Its specific use is to catch things that other tools and teams missed. Why not use it? Guess I'm preachin' to the choir though.