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Aug 30, 2011
Whose ETL-Log closes the store? if so are they on a rotation like every other ETL? Just curious what other store do....
When I was at Target at first my ETL-Log had a set weekday to close, later she was no longer on the closing rotation for the weekday but did occasionally have to close on her rotating weekends.
Ours closes, but only to cover vacations and such. Closes maybe twice per month.
In 3 years, I have never had an ETL-LOG, ETL-REPL or key-carrying LOG-TL close the store. I have seen them take the "Early" LOD shift and will hold onto LOD duties until the "Mid" arrives, but that's it.
ETL-LOG normally doesn't close weekday's at my store but closes every other time on their weekend rotation.
When I had worked at Target, my ETL-LOG never closed, latest he would stay would be about 5 pm
If you are a 6am store it shouldn't be a problem. If you are a 4am store I have seen them close every other weekend and no nights. I think it is a good idea for them to close so they can actually see and meet the rest of the team. It also helps them see the other tasks of the store. However there are very few ETLs that will work an
ETL-LOG shift. Somehow they think the merchandise magically makes it into the store. They would also see that LOG deals with call offs too. ETL LOGs get the short end of the stick with hours Monday ETL meetings are held at 2 in my store. She is required to be there at 4am to help the truck team and stay until their meeting is done (usually 4pm)
I was just wondering this myself. We are a 6am store and my current ETL LOG never closes, which I think is weird because even my STL closes once a week. Not sure why my ETL log cant close once a week or just on the weekend schedule for once, just to see what the closing is actually like before *****ing about it in the morning or how their always pushing a **** load of extra tasks and projects on everyone when they are opening LOD effects the closers.
I've never seen an ETL-LOG/REPL close/open the store in my entire time at Target. I've seen other ETLs work overnight though on occasion.
My first ETL LOG did the weekend night rotation but all the rest worked only mornings. They worked longer hours than any ETL in the place. I think they deserved not to close on weekends or any other day and I also expected them to be around if I had issues. The other ETL's never cared about any early morning problems and we had the largest teams to deal with.
our etllog is on a weekend rotation, but does not close during the week except for major holidays. there's many nights that he would close and be at the store until 10 or 11 and back at 330.
I worked at an overnight store. Our ETL-LOG worked almost every night from about 10 until 7 or 8 the next mornng, at least. So no, they never closed.
I've never seen an ETL-LOG/REPL close/open the store in my entire time at Target. I've seen other ETLs work overnight though on occasion.

This. I usually only see them when I cash them out after opening/before closing.
at my first store our ETL-Log closed three days a week... and when they did open they arrived as late as 6:30 or 7, and this was for a 4am store. part of the reason was that we were down an STL at the time, and our flow TL was like superwoman (lol). The weird thing was that our ETL-Log wouldn't even open for our truck shifts, they'd open on like sunday and oversee the ad set, and then maybe on another day without a truck to just do interviews. Honestly I had only seen them twice for the two months before I left to a different store. The last time I saw that ETL-Log open they actually talked to the flow team about zoning, of all things. I thought it was to transfer to ETL-HL or something, but they are still the ETL-Log at that store.
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