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ETL Required Hours

Discussion in 'Leadership' started by etlsneedhelp2, Aug 10, 2017 at 7:16 AM.

  1. Him

    Him Team Member

    @monkeyman90 i couldn't agree more. I've worked at several stores and the one store I worked at the STL worked with the team in order to fix and repair broken "processes" and red workcenters. You actually SEEN the results over a period of time and in the end ALL benefitted from tm's up to the etl's. Promotions also happened a lot internally as well. Normally though when an STL does so well with a store like that, they are asked to go to another store to repair it's broken processes as well so they don't normally stay very long. If your Stl has been around long, they probably 1) don't want to move up or 2) haven't figured out the secret yet. But to stay on topic, ETL hours, normally 45-60 I've seen.
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  2. 60SecondsRemaining

    60SecondsRemaining Former SrTL - Replen

    The typical agreed upon number is 47.5 (50 hours minus lunches).

    Depending on position, ACTUAL is 40 to 60+

    Generally speaking from most to least;
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