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Nov 3, 2011
HI Everyone i have a few questions. my first is what are the steps to become a internal Executive intern?? Then what do you do in business college and how long is it??? And do you stay at your store???? Oh one more thing what does a ETL-GE DO????
Executive Team lead - Guest Experience: basically the front end - cashiers, service desk, cart/brand attendants, photo lab. Some stores also include Target Cafe & Starbucks, too.
Usually the first rotation for newly minted ETLs because it can be the most grueling.
Usually the first rotation for newly minted ETLs because it can be the most grueling.

Hmm, thought Food or LOG would be a bit harder :/ lol.
GE is often the first because it's not so difficult, but it's not as rewarding. To do an internship, you'll have to have a degree in progress, and you'll have to go through interviews. I would talk to your ETL-HR or STL, because you'll never get it without some kind of support. Business college is after the internship, when you've been hired as an ETL. It's six weeks of training in a different store, and it won't be the store you report to. There are several classes in business college, then most of it is at your training store getting on-hand experience with a peer trainer. The interviews for ETL positions are actually pretty tough. What are you right now? Are you a TM or TL? If you're a TM, they'll most likely want you to be a TL before they promote you, and then probably Sr. TL after that. You'll have to have green areas and make a good impression on your store leadership team and DTL.
Well first of all, to become an intern you need to talk to your STL and ETL-HR and see what they say, you will need to be about a year or two from graduating to be considered... You will have to turn in an app and interview, most likely with different people from the campus recruitment team! If you pass interviews, you will have to "quit" Target and basically be rehired as an intern... You most likely will move stores at that point and go to wherever they want you to within your district to train... The internship is a 10 week training program, and afterwards they will decide if you can be an ETL or not after you are done... Usually summer is over at that point and you go back to school, if you want to work part time during school you can, which is awesome because you are paid your intern wage doing TM work (usually around 15 bucks/hour)... After you graduate you will be sent to business college...

Business College is 6 weeks of training, half class room and half with your business college trainer in a store... You basically just get trained to be an ETL, but since you did the internship you will have a good idea of what is going on already.

The ETL - Guest Experience is an ETL only in B and higher volume stores. They are in charge of all things guest experience like people said, the front end, carts, guest service etc... but also they are in charge of the guest experience in all of the store! If electronics service is bad, if the salesfloor speed scores are low, they will be in charge of those as well!
I hope you don't use that many question marks in any professional communication.
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