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Aug 16, 2011
I noticed at work yesterday there is some favoritism going on at Target. I heard a TM talking to another TM saying the TL at food avenue makes special requests just for " certain" people. She makes special breakfast sandwiches, Fries with cheese on them and special pizzas. Back in the day she made fries with cheese for anyone that asked and then our ETL said that isn't brand anymore so it stopped and now I am finding out she is still doing it for certain people which makes me mad. I want to say something to the ETL but I can't because i'd be squealing and I can't prove anything I just overhead someone saying she still does it for certain people.
Really? You want to tell your ETL that your TL is making food for team members and adding some cheese here and there?

I didn't say I would. I just think it isn't cool " certain" people get special treatment when it isn't brand.
What if the TM choked on that illegal cheese!? Hello lawsuit. Call the DTL, and higher, go right to the top with this cheese problem. It's serious business.
Yes HL I am from the old site. I used to be TeamTarget but Targetteam seems more proper:thumbsup:
What I tell people who complain about favoritism:

If you aren't a favorite, you need to analyze the reasons why, and become one.

Furthermore, I think a little cheese here and there is a trivial matter.
I wouldn't worry about covert favoritism.
If it gets to the point of shrinkage, it becomes AP's domain.
I don't care if I'm not a 'favorite' just as long as I'm also not the one upon whose food they sneeze/cough/spit/other revolting bodily function.
LOL ya sometimes I like to vent. It's like whatever now...... I was just annoyed but now it's like whatever. I was having a bad day and needed to vent over stupid things. Time to move on I suppose......
Breakfast sandwiches...I thought that went out with the great idea of cooking the liquid egg in the microwave. Or do you still have your grill?

I had Execs that told me if its not on the menu...we don't make it. They said it was liability and Brand issue. Though I know one TM dipped out extra popcorn oil over guests popcorn (very big NO NO), gave out chili for nachos, and made special sandwiches.

If the POS still has the Add Cheese button, and the FATL is ringing and serving a dipping cup of cheese then its ok. If the FATL is not ringing it up or giving more than they are supposed to then its an issue.
Ya that is what they told us and gave us a big speech after they added stuff to the pizzas and made breakfast sandwiches special and fries with cheese. We have those oven fries but they put cheese on them put them into the oven. Then the ETLs said it's not brand yadda,yadda and this isn't burger king you can't have it your way. If it's not on the menu no can do. I was venting and saying favoritism was going on but whatever if they want to get caught let them. I don't care....
One of the TM who works in Starbucks will sometimes give me the "extra" Frappuccino instead of pouring it down the drain...I guess that's "favoritism" ;)
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