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Mar 30, 2012
do the operators at any of your stores have a chair at the fitting room that they sit in the entire time? Drives me crazy no where else on the salesfloor do people have a chair without it being a reasonable medical accomidation.
We've got a chair at our fitting room.

Sometimes the operator sits there. But over time the position of operator has changed in our store.....especially since we now use a cordless phone for answering. Since the operator isn't physically connected to the desk at the fitting room the operator usually helps out on the sales floor.

At one time our operator prepped the Sunday then they needed to sit.
Also, one lady had bad knees so she was able to sit.....until she had her knee surgeries and now she walks around the store.
we have a chair where every fitting room operator (but me....I promise it's not just me who notices it) sits their entire shift. I sit down at the end of the night when doing tags and repackaging. I can't imagine doing the repackages while standing up. There is a huge rumor going around our store that the fitting room is the cushiest job in the the store...I always tell people to watch me and then tell me it's a cushy job....don't base it on the other fitting room operator who makes it, and is allowed to do it, the cushiest job in the store.
Whenever people get called in for fitting room or give the regular operator their break, they always sit down and wait for the phone to ring. The regular fitting room people actually do all the core roles of their job like zoning and working stray.
If I'm covering fitting room, you bet I'm just going to sit there, greet guests, and answer phones.

The softlines ladies are very territorial with their areas! I like to stay out of their way.
If I'm covering fitting room, you bet I'm just going to sit there, greet guests, and answer phones.

The softlines ladies are very territorial with their areas! I like to stay out of their way.

I don't expect the people who are covering breaks to do anything but the minimum....I do expect the ones that are for an entire shift to do something other than sit on their keister. One team lead who covers my breaks uses that time to do some of her clerical stuff. I went in to my store today to do some birthday shopping for my kids and was so appalled at what "my" fitting room looked like that I turned around and left will still be there Tuesday when I get back (the fitting room not the mess, hopefully). I also don't sit in the chair very much because there are scary, unidentifiable stains on it.
We have one FRTM who's older than Methuselah's granny but she can keep that FR tip-top even during swimsuit season.
She will sit a little while repackaging & ticketing but only for that.
We have a chair at my store. Fitting room is NOT a cushy job - we're on our feet for most of it. If we're not zoning or working reshop/stray, then we're hanging clothing, doing rewrap, making shoe boxes, etc. The ONLY time I sit is when I have to a) take a message for 30 seconds, b) paperwork of some kind, very rare or c) there is NOTHING to do at the FR but I can't leave to do reshop (usually due to guest traffic).

My last couple of opening shifts though, I did shoe boxes and labels while sitting because my foot has been giving me more pain than usual. :(

People who cover breaks usually put the phone on overhead. Then the reshop piles up...
I really really hate that damn chair at my store. The operators will sit the entire shift and hide their cell phone in the drawer and text or browse the internet or they use the fitting room phone for personal calls all the time. I can understand using it for rewrap or medical reasons. I wish i can just roll it into the compacter! But when you work with a bunch of cranky women lord knows all hell will break lose if the chair is gone
We took the chair out a long time ago. We had operators who just sat there all night. The operators now have to help with the zone in RTW. If it's the right person, they can get most of RTW completed by themselves and still answer the phone.
AM operators at my store are expected to do reshop (until about 10 or 11, depending on how busy we are), rewrap, hang up clothes people didn't want, make shoe boxes, and (lately) sort zone/abandon carts.

PM operators are expected to zone men's, half of RTW, sportswear, and occasionally infant hardlines. Now leadership is expecting us to come clean of reshop every night AND get zone done. With 1-2 additional softlines people, this is nearly impossible. When we asked the TL what would happen if we didn't finish, she just walked away and said, "it has to be clean." Some nights the operator takes the cordless and zones with the rest of the team. How are we supposed to come clean?

I get frustrated when I finish everything during the day and I can't help with pulls or do reshop. Our AP wants us to stay back at the fitting room. I understand it is an AP issue to not have someone back there, but then I have other TMs complaining to me that I'm "not doing anything"and just sitting there. I would if I could, guys.
Coming from a super T I can say that our store has operator and fitting room as separate roles. The operator at our store is offstage and helps checkout equipment and do HR stuff whereas fitting room is obviously onstage.
At our SuperT, our operator and fitting room are together. And most of the operators, also zone RTW and put away reshop.

I forgot to add that we do have a chair. Our operators use it when they are answering calls or doing repackaging, etc.
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I'm a high volume super target and our opporator and fitting room tm are the same. They do not have a chair and I don't think most would use it. If they're not hanging folded clearance, working on rewrap, strays rtw zone or setting tables in rtw they're helping out price change with tables or carts from the back room brought to the fitting room. At night they sort all the reshop and are in charge of the rtw zone. It's actually a tough job at my store.
The only time when we had a team member sit on a chair as operator was when a Tl was injured and couldn't be on their feet. We stuck a chair in there but the individual wouldn't hand out numbers because they couldn't reach them without getting up. Amazing.
we're a pretty high volume super-t and our fitting room person does operator... lately we've had a scheduling lapse from 8-9am and 10-11pm though and the phone goes on overhead

usually when this happens they just have me take the cordless and answer calls while watching the lanes
Fitting Room Chair

My store just underwent a Pfresh remodel. I want from night remodel to fitting room and well... There is a chair... And how I hate that chair!

I just did a 13.5 hour shift in the fitting room (5 cal louts for apparel on mothers day and I was opening fitting room.) There is ZERO time for me to sit down. Between cleaning the rooms, pushing reshop, and pushing calfs (usually AM and PM huddle) There is NO time to sit. There is usually about 1-2 carts of sort in the AM to sort through from softlines zone the night before...

That chair just gets in my way. I trip and stumble over it. Bah!
Also - at my store - we are the Operator as well... So I get doubly frustrated from having to say "department... 33", then getting two ring backs and having to solve the guests issue myself. *facepalm*.
Also - at my store - we are the Operator as well... So I get doubly frustrated from having to say "department... 33", then getting two ring backs and having to solve the guests issue myself. *facepalm*.

Unless the phone is ringing like crazy, I'll sometimes just ask before transferring if the guest has a DPCI or not. Seeing as we never have people on the sales floor half the time, I tend to have better luck if I ask for a person in whatever section go to channel 2 then if I have them pick up a call on 2280.
Also - at my store - we are the Operator as well... So I get doubly frustrated from having to say "department... 33", then getting two ring backs and having to solve the guests issue myself. *facepalm*.

I hate that too. Sometimes we're so short on equipment that I won't get a PDA until after lunch, so then I just keep apologizing to the guest and get real snippy on the walkie. :D
I wish we had a cordless phone for our operator! That is so cool.
It isn't bad I suppose. But the dinging over head while pushing causes such head aches! Btw - I started to get snippy. It's helped!
we were just discussing the dumb chair last TL said that if some people (not me) didn't shape up the chair would ship out. I've had three 30+ hour weeks in a row and out of those 90 hours I have sat for about an hour to do rewraps. Because of how much reshop we've had I haven't even had a chance to do tags, hopefully tonight.
I have done fitting room off and on for the entire 10 years I've been at Target. Yes I do sit down, to answer the phone or do repack. In an 6 hour shift I may sit a total of 10+ minutes IF I have lots of repacks to do. Normally I'm zoning Mens, Lingerie, RTW and anywhere else I can go and still hear the phone ring, plus returning to check the rooms. If it's a closing shift then the phone will be on night ring and grab the Jewelry cordless to answer calls. It annoys the **** out of me when I hear people say that all the FR/O does is sit. :angry:
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