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  1. I get it. There's no payroll. I get the drift.
    I even know what to say/"why" and explain it to my team.

    But #38 company in the Fortune 500 list, and you mean to say you're going to allow enough payroll for the store for ONE person in HL, ONE in electronics, ONE FR and ONE SL... All day on the sales floor.
    K, cool thanks I'll just go push everything and do all the stray as the LOD.
    We are Org chart C; super freaky BTS store.

    Feel free to share your no payroll rants. :)
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  3. Patience. Winter is coming...The blackest of Fridays is right around the corner.
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    Best Company Ever. Or did that one fall by the wayside? But yeah, I'm in a small store too, and as LOD, you do everything.
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    Followed by the lowest of payroll 5 weeks later.

    My store's leadership have said "payroll is tight" all year. We tried to do some cross training in January but those shifts got cut entirely. We were told we would try again when payroll gets better. It's October and we're still not there. For the week we're writing, payroll is crazy low, like January/February low. We had one, maybe two weeks during back to school that were good. That's it. All year. We'll see a slight bump in November, but I'm pretty sure the only weeks we'll actually get decent payroll will be Black Friday through Christmas, and that's when we really really need more, but I'm sure they won't actually give us enough (but at least there will be more team members in the building at a time). That makes a grand total of 7 weeks with what used to be "normal" payroll, and the rest of the year is treated like it's the dead of winter when guests aren't shopping.

    And the shittiest part about it? Leaders have to be thinking about those 7 weeks all year. That's what we have to prepare for, just those 7 weeks. Which means we need to be staffed/trained for it all year, which is why there are no hours to go around for the other 45 weeks of the year. What a mess of an industry.
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    we weren't making sells....AT we were not just short staffed, we were having to cut hours.....luckily we've been comping the past few weeks so our flex hours have been skyrocketing
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    I'm tired of dealing with payroll issues and having to constantly tell my team what goes on but to be honest, my department is pretty good with payroll, reason why hours go down in January and February is because I have a huge team and not enough hours to go around. I remember there was three months where softlines had 1 person in the day and evening and most likely than not they were the TLs.
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  8. Spot Corp wants part timers to run the store. No benefits, high turn over. 10.00 an hour. Etl's will paid lower.
    Oh wait, the work load will get higher:(
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  9. I'm in a large store... Still had one for hl, one for sl, a PA, and an electronics. But somehow we had four cashiers this morning?
  10. Shhhh, I'm trying to pretend like that part doesn't happen. A thousand years of winter and a thousand years of 40 hour weeks, with Saturday and Sunday off.
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    I'll have what you're having.
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    If I hear "We need to trim hours this week. What can you give up?" one. more. time.
    My walk-in is going to fill up fast with the bodies.
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    Well, that's certainly one way to go about trimming hours:cool:
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    *me starts filling a cart full of degreaser bottles
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    Mfw I'm told my biggest opportunity is team development.

    How am I supposed to develop a team member I see once a week? There's no such thing as working side by side with anyone anymore because there's too much to get done and not enough payroll to do it.
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  17. Even higher volumes store are looking that way nowadays. Super targets or pfresh or GM doesn't matter as the company trims payroll and we were a much higher volume store and got the same day time coverage with one closer in grocery, hardlines and softlines. Its sad how cheap target has gotten.
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  18. That sounds exactly like my AA volume..
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    I will be honest on this one, I have never seen payroll worse than it is now! We all thought, "Sure September is always bad, we just have to make it to October"... and then once we saw October payroll we were all shocked! It is just as bad as September!!! How the heck can we start seasonal hires in early October on almost nothing?
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  20. You are so correct! I have not seen it this bad for hours. Then, we are having an hiring event of new folks.
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