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  1. And they wonder why good TMs are leaving (and yet retention is a metric). And guests are seeing lack of service, shelves not stocked so not shopping. But hey drive the red cards, that makes a shopper loyal, NOT. Good service and filled product makes a loyal shopper, driving sales.
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    Pretty sure retention is a focus BECAUSE of the hour cuts. Corporate knew payroll would look like this before the beginning of this year.

    My store's been red for sales comp since before I started at this one. We've been consistently beating sales and actually comping up for the past few months and still have nothing to show for it. Store is manned by a skeleton crew 100% of the time... Myself, other team leads, and our senior team members are all growing tired of what Spot's making us do with the resources they're providing. Hell, I even had a candid conversation with my STL on how unrealistic it's become for our store to exude that "Target Brand" on the hours we have. It's getting hard to tell my team members that "Hours should be getting better (next month)" when I know and they know they sure as hell aren't.
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  3. We aren't training because we don't have the hours. It's pretty bad that we can't train cashiers, but we've got 2 TLs and a Sr TL who are waiting for training. That includes me!
    Is the retention metric the reason we are allowing more loafing than I've seen in years? We are also rehiring TMs that were horrible before and are far worse now. It's as if getting rehired validated their poor performance and attendance. Now we also have smug arrogance. Why Target, why?
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  4. RhettB

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    Canada was a loss. We have lost some guest due to the restroom issue.
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    Canada was a huge loss. The bathroom issues was a zero sum.
    Spot probably gained as many as they lost from people deciding that they were going to shop with Spot because of the LGBTQA support.
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    7-9 dollar raise when I went to distribution. Depends on the day. And we have to train people, otherwise you can't do the job at all. Period. It never ceases to amaze me how poorly store level employees are treated from pay to benefits.
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    At this point I'm waiting to see how bad the November hours are and which team lead will be the first to spew the unfortunate bullshit of "fourth quarter is a slow period in retail"

    Our HR guy claims that his objective is to get everyone with open availability a solid 40 hours, but I'm waiting to see how well he comes through. I told myself that I wouldn't consider leaving until after the season but I might not have a choice... I've got too many bills to pay to put up with this.
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  8. RhettB

    RhettB I've forgotten more than many young ETLs know.

    I'd disagree on the sales gain, as comp sales % is down.
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  9. SFSFun

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    Canada shouldn't be affecting anything anymore. They took the loss and wrote off all expenses several quarters ago.

    The main thing causing some stores to have payroll issues is the immense pressure from the top down to increase profits. It starts at the board of directors, then gets passed down through corporate onto the regions and groups. Since one of the most controllable expenses at the store level is payroll, that is what STLs get to focus on cutting back.
  10. We just has a visit by our group VP. The focus of the group was being more efficient, making every payroll dollar count. We are spending money on payroll and we must make sure we are getting great return on our investment!!!
    The problem isn't a deficit of hours! We just need to work harder!
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  11. blablablablablabla....bullsneeze
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  12. so jealous. our 'Bux is always the first place to lose hours when the heads have to roll. hell, we had two baristas scheduled together on the day shift for the first time in MONTHS, which was amazing because we actually had time to get caught up on some sorely neglected tasks. then the LOD bitched out our ETL-HR for having two people scheduled because he happened to walk by the one time they were standing still for two minutes to discuss what to tackle next. I have never been so pissed in my life as when I heard that. our DM has ranted at leadership, our cafe is a hot mess half the time and we keep getting chewed out for it, but no matter what, no hours. they're hiring baristas again because we're below minimum but I'm scared to see how much lower our hours are going to get when they hire some green beans. I get 20 hours a week if I'm lucky, now. two and a half hours by myself every night to try to close and clean without murdering anyone.

    I'm so tired of the rationale for cutting payroll being 'we just don't have the sales to support it' when we'd HAVE the sales if we were just given the people to do the WORK. I get it. I truly do. but it's so stupid.
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    We HAVE the sales to support our hours but leadership STILL skims 20-30%.
    We were supposed to have a crap-ton of hours during several summer promotions but they cut until we were getting no more than before.
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    I noticed you wrote that in small print...
  15. ULV store here. We're getting 1890 hours on a good week (that includes APTL, 1 TPS, and PMT).
    One of our biggest focus is retention and we were told that one of the "tricks" to keep TMs is to bring their hours up to 30 so they qualify for benefits. When I saw that email from HR BP I thought it was a joke at first but he was damn serious.
    Currently we're trying to take care of the team woth little games, incentives, and the breakroom filled with food. Hopefully nobody is going hungry without us knowing :(
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  16. Xanatos

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    Hmm give them basic human needs... I think you're on to something here!
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  17. That's like some conspiracy type shit. But it's so true
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  18. redeye58

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    Working 5-6 days a week & I STILL can't break 30.
  19. As a good flow tm I can easily get 40 hrs. My choice not to.
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  20. Im so over target at this point. My store is comping up 8% YTD, yet we never have more than 5 cashiers at peak on a saturday. Never more than 8 closers for the salesfloor total between 2 floors. Mind you my store has already done 67 million this year. Everyday I do the work of 5 people. My team is down too three people per day max, to do rigs, zone, scan , push, respond to backup, and answer all the call buttons.
    Everyday at least one department doesn't even get touched. Flow never finishes. It gets left for us.
    Everday its master go to backup. Master scan these extra aisles. Master push these 5 flats of clearence. Master why are you on break.
    Hopefully with our new stl she will spend our extra flex payroll that the previous bastard was hoarding. Because we all know he eill just die without that golden contribuition bonus.
    End rant. Damn that felt good.