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  1. Yeah problem is divide 1980 by 70 and see how many people get their 30 hours. OR if you want to be more accurate you could take out 40 hours for each one of the people that have 40 hours guaranteed each week 40x8=120. Take 120 hours away from the bucket 1890=1660. Now divide 1660 by 60-70 TMs=23-27
    When they suggest you to give TMs enough hours so they qualify for benefits but you barely got enough hours to get the store open, it feels like a joke. We are asked to make a meatloaf out of leftovers crumbs...
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    In that case, my store's been trying to make biscuits out of floor sweepings for the past YEAR.
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    payroll is so bad we had our STL zone seasonal :eek:
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  4. I was in a similar situation a few years ago. A new STL from a ULV store came to our high volume store with the intention of "trimming the fat". As soon as she did more than half of the store quit because they were all being squeezed to get everything done. I think flow/backroom didn't come clean for a solid 18 months straight.

    Finally a new HRBP asked why the store always looked like !@#$ when she was well under her budgeted hours - and things quickly turned around. It took our overnight shift even longer to recover though, because in general its harder to hire for. I think for a solid year our morning instocks/pricing shifts had to push all of domestics and housewares from 6am-8am. The SFT/PMT would usually push for the first hour of his day too.
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    Yeah, its beyond store leadership though! There is no reason to not spend your payroll as a leadership group, which many TMs claim (they are saving hours so they get their bonus). I get the same bonus whether I make payroll for the year by 1 hour or 1000 hours... I hate not being able to spend payroll! The reason it is tight is because much of the company projected sales DOWN for October by anywhere between 4-10% for many stores. Its a payroll saving trick because only the top dogs care about payroll, not the STL/ETLs in that manner. If they make the forecasts smaller, the payroll we spend is less because its MUCH harder to spend flex (asking people to pick up) than it is to just schedule it.

    They are doing this because many of the process changes are supposed to save us payroll (and more to come). Theoretically, they are just taking their ideas for a test run. If the market changes are supposed to save payroll, then project the store down for October. You effectively cut their payroll without having to explain you are testing if the market changes are working, you just have to say "sales are down, so payroll is down".
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    It's to the point I expect our extremely high traffic store to only have 5 cashiers on my shift. Back up city, but the sales floor only have one TM in each department. Store looks like crap but drive red cards. Our goal is 65 today team -__-
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  7. Target cares about money and doesn't care what has to be done as long as you make Target money. Imho payroll will continue to get tight until you get to a point of a company wide walk out on black Friday right after open
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    To me sales will be better if we had more staff. Zones will be better, lines wouldn't be so long, overall experience will be better. I would think a great shopping experience will entice people to shop more. As it stands everything becomes reshop because the guest are tired of standing in line.
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    Right on point. Sales are trending downward, so let's cut payroll. I think Target will have to increase payroll to make in store shopping more desirable than online shopping. The brick and mortar experience isn't as profitable as online sales , but can still generate profit. (Of course, Target hasn't quite figured out how to run it's online presence yet). So corporate, WAKE UP before Target is the butt of jokes that Walmart currently is.
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  10. Then, Brian Cornell gets a pay raise, at store expense...