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Aug 14, 2019
I started working about a month ago as a seasonal employee and there are some things i'm still confused about. As a student, there were times when they had me write down when i could work during the school weeks but a few things came up and I need to change the hours. How do I do that? I know I can go online on the store computers but as of right now I'm only aware of how to request specific days off- not a few hours for days repeating (ex: I have a commitment every sunday that only allows me to work after 11 am-how would I put that in?). I'm also worried because my school starts this week and despite telling them when I applied online, when i interviewed, and when they asked when I could work that I can't work my first day of school they still scheduled me and no one has picked up my shift. I'll have to call out but I'm afraid of that making me look bad, despite having asked for that day off multiple times. I also know that they keep some seasonal employees on after their term expires and its based off of things like redcard sales, ability to work without help, and personality. However, as a minor I frequently have to turn on my lane light to have a GSTL id alcohol for me-would that affect their decision? because I need help whenever that happens? In my month-ish of working I've only sold about three redcards despite mentioning it in every transaction. Any tips that could help me? I also recently had a conversation with a GSTL and she seemed kind of disappointed that I don't know guest services too well despite being trained for less than 4 hours on my second day of working and never being sent back. My most urgent question is about the scheduling, though. Thanks so much, I've enjoyed reading through some threads and learning more :)


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Feb 3, 2016
You need to put in an availability change for the Sundays rather than a time off request. It is in the same place on the computer. Any experienced team member can help you.

You can go to your HR leader or your own leader about your first day of school. Calmly explain that you were assured at orientation and when hired that you would be off.

About being kept on, so much depends on the individual store. Keep doing your best, don't make excuses, offer to help with things when you can. Be someone others want to work with.

@Amanda Cantwell can probably give you some tips for working the front end as a minor.

Amanda Cantwell

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Mar 27, 2017
Yes! PM me with any questions. Definitely partner with your ETL and ensure mytime has your accurate availability. Ask them if there’s a time to sit down and talk about availability.

As for alcohol, that’s not your fault. In fact, being fired for that specifically you could probably argue age descrimination. Redcards they also cannot term you for as long as you ask every guest.

One day when it’s quiet ask your GSTL if you can hop over to GS and just observe and train with a seasoned GSTM.