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Oct 11, 2011
Well I am sure we have all thought about it once or twice, the day that we will leave Target by either just getting fed up and quitting or getting another job and being on the last day of your two weeks notice. So instead of just filling out some boring voluntary termination forms, in addition to that why not make your last day memorable. Now of course if by some chance you happen to wind up back at Target, you wouldn't want to do anything extremely dangerous or outrageous, but something that you would feel good about and a way to stick it to the man sort of speak lol. So I have mine pretty much planned out for when it happens, but tell me how you would go out on your last day, and after a few responses I will post mine.
Get drunk off your ass and post virulent and hate filled messages on target's facebook page, then get talked to by the ETL-HR, ETL-SL, and the STL about it a few days later, only to stop showing up two days later.
What I really wanted to do was make sure my last day was on a friday. That way a walkie could "mysteriously" disappear and I could loop andrew wk and rebecca black over and over again.

Evil, pure evil.

I actually wondered what it would be like to set all the signs wrong during BF adset and then quit that morning.
wipes tears/

I am so proud of everybody who posted in this thread...and the walkie thing has been done at my store by some flowteam punks who stole some walkies. There are a couple businesses next to my target that are still in walkie range and it was a solid couple weeks of pranks lol.
I'm posting a sign in the high theft areas.

"They know who is stealing what and are counting how much till you hit a Felony so they can brag in the paper about locking you up."

Then use the USB ports on a TV to show something evil, like the anti-union video.
- LOCU every location (My personal favorite!)
- Drive the WAVE off the loading dock.
- Quarter every locker and throw away the keys.
- Print new locations and hide them (On top of selves, inside bailer, etc)

I could go on and on and on.
I think I wouldn't LOCU all of them, only about half. If you did all of them, they'd soon realize that they were all done, but if only half were done, they'd have to take the time to check before fixing it all.

Print new barcodes for locations, and stick just the barcode onto random location labels, so that items get scanned into a completely different location and no one can ever find anything.

Set off the sprinkler system.

Untie as many POGs as possible. For added fun, retie them to aisles across the store.

Thinking of these is fun.
- Gorilla gluing all the Bluray cases in a stack together, or glue them shut with BD's still in them.
- LOCUing one location on the top steel, taking all the pillows i can find and making a fort up there to nap in until my shift is over.
- Steal all the power cords to the PDA/Walkie chargers and put them in a box for MIR
- Put Zorb "lines" on the boat and act like im doing coke off it
- Change the password for Store Applications on every capable computer to "HERP"
- Sit on the futon focal in D and direct guests where to go while playing on my phone
- Take all the packing tape, markers, pens, etc.. from receiving and put them into random wackos
- Massive ************ in the bathroom so the toilet clogs up (will be very hard to do but im determined)
- Attach little bells to random guests' carts
- Remove PS3 and Xbox 360 demo discs and put in Ferris Bueller's Day Off
- Take pictures of people walking by with the demo camera's and shout "Wow your body looks GREAT in this photo!
- Turn EVERY working stereo up as loud as possible and make the alarm function go off at 20 minute intervals

The list goes on. As you can tell, i think about this WAY too much... :dash1:
Unlock all iPads, stamped a clearance sticker and put them up in One Spot. The AP guy would LOVE this!
Not that I'd ever DO this, but....

-Reprogram all the call buttons to include various depts we don't even have
-Do a "close registers" function early in the AM so they'll have to re-open all of them
-Hide the indyme restroom buttons
-Fill the mop bucket on the CA cart with a mix of Axe body wash & a fruit-scented soap so every mop-up reeks
-Fill the cart lanes inside so it blocks the exit (but not the entrance)
-Shoot the LARGEST EXF in corp history, resulting in a train of tubs along the front end
-Replace the restroom air fresheners with the most revolting, cheap cologne so it smells like a Turkish den of ill repute
-Take the overhead mike, lock it in the "on" position next to a jam box playing gangsta rap name a few.
In my time with Target I have seen the following happen:

*A TM walked in to food ave, took off his shirt (topless), threw it at a table of guests, screamed like a nut case at everyone, and ran out the door. We never saw him again.

*A TM got on the intercom using the red phone extension and cussed ETLs out over the intercom. This went on for a good 15 minutes because he was going around the store from red phone to red phone so no one could figure out where he was. Eventually we heard a fire alarm go off. He ditched out of the store through the backroom fire exit.

*A TM stole a walkie and hid outside the store. He cussed everyone out on the walkie. (this was a huge problem because guests heard all of this across the store) It totally disrupted the store because no one could use the walkies at all. The guy didn't give up after the first day though. He did this again for an entire week. AP could not find him in the parking lot. Eventually we figured he was hiding in the store next to ours. No one ever caught him, and eventually he stopped... probably once the battery died.

*An ETL that was scheduled to close walked out of the store and never told anyone. Eventually it came time to close and no one could find him. Someone eventually found a letter taped to the STLs office that said "I'm sorry, I just can't take this ************ job anymore. I didn't go to college for this" and his keys were on the ground in front of the door. We ended up having to get the DTL out to the store at close to midnight. (we were lucky as hell a TL happened to have our DTLs phone number.... because no one knew how to get in touch with any ETL)

Probably lots more than I am forgetting.
A Team Member at our store ran as fast as he could with a cart and rammed it into One Spot then walked out.
Having to pick up a giant pile of cheap plastic items wasn't the highlight of my day.
Mine would be cussing out the ETL during morning huddle and walking out the door. Doesn't really matter spot will not give you a reference. You can put it on your resume with the 800# and they will neither confirm or deny your employment with spot. So do what you want when you leave because it does not matter.
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