Good luck tonight, all!

If it's your first Black Friday with Spot, stay calm and enjoy. If you're a scarred old vet like me - try not to injure anyone, whether it be team member or guest. See you all on the other side! :O
I haven't eaten an actual meal in over 4 days. And I haven't had more than 3 hours of sleep in about 2 weeks.

God help the person who yells at me tonight.


Staff member
Everyone have fun.. I will be there dark and early at Midnight holding down the fort back in the Electronics area.. Hopefully no one gets shanked over the last xbox or anything! Haha..
too many times for me to count,what was I thinking of when I put myself down for a 12 hr shift,it seemed like such a good idea two weeks ago,one thing about bf is that it goes by fast,good luck everyone.
In addition to our store opening at Midnight as well as Best Buy, Kohl's also opened up at midnight. Thank God , Corp. didn't decide to use this commercial