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Jack of All Trades
Nov 16, 2013
So as some of you may know (maybe :) ) I've been with Spot for a bit over 90 days, started out as a Hardlines TM and wound up being the jack of all trades in the store (A typical week may have me doing shifts in HL, SL, Fitting Room/Phone Operator, Market (including opening and ordering), cart attendant, cashier, etc.). During my 90 day review I let my HLTL (SrTL) know that I had ambitions of being a TL or higher, we discussed it some, no current TL positions open so we talked about GSA as a stepping stone on that path. Fast forward ~2 weeks and 2 interviews with my ETL-GE and another ETL and I was informed that I've gotten the job.

Apparently I blew both of them away in the interviews, neither of them had interviewed me before (mine were done by our ETL-HR who has since left the company for the in person, and...I'm honestly not sure who did my phone interview), but they were impressed with the scope of my answers and my familiarity with various concepts and goals on the front end and how the front end drives sales. Just wanted to thank you guys and gals for the resources here on the wiki and in the forums because a good portion of that knowledge came from threads and wiki articles on here. I'm sure there will be many more questions to come but I just wanted to say thanks :)
Not open for further replies.