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Oct 18, 2011
I have been a GSA at target for about a year now. My girlfriend needs some extra money and has applied for a salesfloor postion at Target. She has an interview this week. I was just wondering if this would be a big deal if she got the job. Since people in relationships at Target before and it seems like no big deal. I have kind of a leadership role, but im not a team lead or anything, so I just wanted some opinions.
Don't say anything about it. Be a pro at spot. GSA is kinda of a leadership role, when Gstl isn't working.
If she's SF, technically she wouldn't be in your area except for back-up cashier.
While in the building, no PDA (public displays of affection), no angling to take breaks/lunchs at the same time (if it happens to fall at the same time, no prob). Even if off the clock but in the building, be discrete.
Outside, you can let your crazy self go wild.
It's legal by policy. But as long as she has a workcenter other than the front...your ok. Just don't let it be known that you are a couple.

From what I have seen at my last store, I have seen couples work the same work centers as long as they are both TMs. They usually kept it professional. If one was a TL, then yes they will have to work another work center. GSAs are a little unique. Though technically they are not a supervisor and are considered Lvl1s, but they are held as an authority figure for the front.

Probably the strangest and most questionable family ties at my last store was a family of three. The mother was Cleical, one daughter was GSA, and another daughter was a Food Ave TM. Then another daughter just put in their application when I left.

I know my store said the FATM daughter could work FA at the same time as her sister doing GSA, but could not cashier at the same time with her GSA sister.
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We have a lot of team members who are dating, even some who are married. I am a GSA, and I was told as long as I was not supervising the person (and vice versa) I could date whoever I wanted. As long as your relationship doesn't interfere with you doing your job, there shouldn't be an issue.
We have a Plano TL and a Cashier who are married. They met, dated, and married while they were both at Target. They have no direct connection while both on the clock, however I have seen the TL cover GSTL/GSA halves, therefore putting him in "control" of her. But, he seems to keep personal and work separate so they let it slide. I would assume that even if it was known, it wouldn't be an issue. Like was stated before, no PDA, no angling breaks for same time... It should be fine.
I'm a GSA and my boyfriend is a Starbucks TM and also has 2-3 Cart Attendant shifts per week also. It's been known since before I was made GSA that we were dating, and it was never a problem.
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