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Jul 3, 2014
read the sticky for the main and minor duties i'll have as a guest attendent for a closing 4th of july shift. My first time ever doing a GA/CA shift and i'm very lost about what i'll have to do to not mess up my night.

basically I know that my shift is from 7-11pm on the fourth of july, so I really want to come up with an advance plan of action for the night (with flexibility of course) just so I know whats coming.
so far this consists of coming in and checking with the mid shift GA and asking him what needs to be done for the rest of the night and trying my best to follow his view on the situation. the biggest worry I have is that i'm a really small person (weigh around 140lbs) and when they were quickly showing me how to guide the carts at the front of the cart machine I could barely keep my hand on the remote while steering 3 measely carts. so pushing 25 or even 10 safely is out of the question for me. I guess that means i'll be running all day pushing 6 by hand. i'm prepared for that. besides that i'm fairly sure the cashiers duty include taking their strays up to GS and zoning so I don't have to worry about that.

so..... would this make a logical schedule so I could follow and not blow it?

meet up with guest attendent find out plan of action for night/miscellaneous work
immediately head outside and push carts by hand making sure theres always carts in the well
fill bags/check bathrooms/do basket run around the store and pick up any stray carts left around
will probably have to cashier and do carry outs by this point, getting carts any spare second I have
check bathrooms/take defectives?
keep pushing carts and concentrate on that solely unless they really get on me about cashering or cleaning up a spill inside the store
it'll be slow enough at the point where i'll decide whether or not i'll need to use the cart pusher to make sure I can finish off the night without leaving carts outside my store (which is unnacceptable I hear)
also i'll take the hangers to the backroom, fill up the handbaskets around the entire store, make sure the front lanes has paper bags and printer paper.

check in with the lod and ask if thats all my duties for the day.

I feel like i'm forgetting something or this is a really bad course of action. what would be usefule advice for me? I didnt get any training besides how to use the cart pusher and i'm kinda freaking out.

also, where do defectives go in the backroom? what time do I take those?
why does guest service need boxes? what size and do I get those from the baler?

thanks for any help !


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Jun 10, 2011
On July 4th, your store will most likely be either very busy or very quiet. If it's busy, you'll probably spend the majority of your shift bringing in carts. If it's quiet, you'll have more leeway to squeeze in the other tasks. Either way, you may not necessarily be sticking to a set schedule as you outlined above. Ask your GSTL for advice on planning the secondary tasks if you need to.

also, where do defectives go in the backroom? what time do I take those?
why does guest service need boxes? what size and do I get those from the baler?

There should be a designated drop-off area (maybe a pallet or two) for defectives in or near receiving. Most receivers wouldn't expect the cart attendants to know how to sort and process all the defectives as per their system.

I don't know about your store, but at my store, Guest Service uses large boxes to box up defectives. We usually use the gigantic boxes from Sterilite bins, which don't even fit in the baler unless you really crunch them down. Ask your GSTL what sort of boxes they need.


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Nov 16, 2013
We use big boxes for salvage, smaller for CRC usually. Our reciever prefers a bunch of small boxes over big ones that aren't full to bursting because they have a tendency to get crushed.


Aug 2, 2013
Our store is really nice when it comes to defectives. We are a very low volume store, so we don't get much in a day. We can usually fit all of our salvage into a standard plastic tub (about the same size as the black ones) and we NEVER fill our CRC. Our receiving person even brings it back to receiving for us. We just leave the tubs on a tub at GS and she takes it back with her equipment. It works really smooth.
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