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Jun 9, 2011
I remember my time at target we have half hour lunches. At walmart we get hour lunches.

What do you think? Would you rather have a half hour lunch or a hour lunch? Eat fast? or enjoy your meal?
If I had an hour lunch, I wouldn't know what to do with myself. I get bored enough during my 45 min lunch (I'm in NY).
If I had a 1hr lunch at my first store, I could get in serious trouble going over to the neighboring mall or going sitting and down to a decent dinner at a restaurant.

My Super store I would go crazy...there was only a handful of fast food joints but that was it.

My last store I could go back to my apartment and eat, take 15 minute nap, and head back.

Now at my current job, I can run errands and I am in between 2 major shopping areas.
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I worked at a bank for around 4 years and we had an hour lunch. I lived 5 min. from the bank so always went home for lunch. It was so nice.
I was just thinking about this yesterday, as I was choking down my lunch in my car on my way back to the store. Not a big deal if I have food to bring from home, but sometimes I don't and the thought of another .99 cent frozen Banquet thing makes me shudder. When I worked for Tower Records (back when people bought CD's and things), we had an hour for lunch. At the time I thought it was too long as we were scheduled for 9 hour days (8 hours +1 hour lunch). But then 9 hours in a record store beats 6.5 hours in a Target any day.
I would love an hour lunch. We get a half hour meal (off the clock) and two 15 minute paid breaks at my target; although most people I know extend it to 20-25 minutes.
I can't imagine why anyone would want an hour lunch. What would I do but spend money and have to be at work 30 minutes longer than necessary. I always brought my own lunch. Many of my team wouldn't stay if they had to take a lunch so they would work as close to 6 hours as possible.
we used to take hour lunches, and we never got in trouble because our TL at the time would take these hour lunch with us lol
I've had many lunch lengths. I've had an hour, thirty minutes, and 45 minutes. Hour long lunches made me get bored and thirty minutes barely gives me enough time to heat up, consume and clean up my lunch. I think 45 minutes is the best.

As a former ETL, I would have to ask: what is "lunch"? I was lucky, in an 11 hour shift, if I even got 15 minutes to grab something to eat. I don't think I ever got through an entire "meal" without being interrupted multiple times.
45 minute lunch here in Cali and it's perfect I think. I get to go to a fast food place and grab something, come back to the breakroom to chow it down and get to relax a bit and watch tv until i have to go back
When I worked in retail, I only knew was 30 minutes lunches. However, now at my new job, while I am in training we get hour lunches, at first I didn't know what to do with myself, but an hour goes by a bit fast when eating and having good conversation with your co-workers. Also having a full service cafeteria on site is nice too :) And we have a few restaurants right across from where I work, so if you wanted to go to a sit down restaurant, then you could do so. THough, after training we go down to 45 minute lunches and two 10 minute breaks.
One thing that kinda sucks about having a 45 minute lunch is, after cart attending for a couple hours in the sun with no slow time and finally being able to sit down, I tend to get very very sleepy coming back from my lunch until I get the blood flowing again.
i used to HATE the hour lunches at walmart... i would rather just get the day over and done with asap... lol..
i used to HATE the hour lunches at walmart... i would rather just get the day over and done with asap... lol..

and with them enforcing "no overtime" if you have a 40 hour week, you cant go back early unless you cut time and unless you are on the night shift, its hard to cut time. This week I have 32 hours, so I did flex my hours a bit witch is always nice.

Then again our breakroom is in the back of the store. Pain in the ass if you need to go up front for anything...
Honestly, I always pack my meals and take a quick smoke after. I think even 30 min lunches are too long for me personally, since it takes me 15 minutes to eat, smoke and wash my hands. Then I'm restless for the next 10-15 minutes.

I would personally like the option of being able to come back 10 min early instead of being punch rejected.

My 15 min break aren't even that -- step out for a quick cig then back to work. But that's just my preference.
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