Archived Have you ever had a friend that became an ETL?

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Oct 14, 2011
Out of curiousity - has anyone here ever had a friend who became an ETL? I don't mean you made a friend of an ETL you met at work. I mean a friend from outside of Target who later became an ETL at Target.

One of my closest friends (known each other for years) became an ETL about three months ago.

She has become a completly different person. It started right after she got hired. She told me she wanted to buy super nice clothes so no one would mistake her for a TM. At first I thought that was logical, but later discovered it was the begining of a huge power trip.

A few days ago we were at a bar and she was talking about work. I started telling her my experiences with what we were talking about and she said "You shouldn't tell me anything about Target. You were just a team leader, you wouldn't have had access to everything I do". I was thinking WTF? I just changed the subject to something else.

But god damn.... I don't even work at Target anymore, and she is telling me not to talk to her about Target like I still work there and she is better than me because I was a TL? lol

In all the years I have known her, she has never ever been like this before. It makes me wonder what the hell Target does to new ETLs. It is like when we are walking down the street she has this attitude that she is "over" everyone else. Everyone she talks to now, it is like she words her sentences as commands to them. I want to say to her "GET A GRIP. YOU ARE NOT IN CHARGE OF PEOPLE OUTSIDE OF YOUR TARGET STORE"

It's a really depressing though. I am not the only one noticing this, BTW. Even her boyfriend has told me her power trip has been annoying him.

I feel really bad for her TMs. She must be putting them through hell.
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Nov 8, 2011
not here either but one of my favorite tm's has become an ETL....and they have them back at our store for a while while they figure out what do with them (my theory is they are trying to fire one of our current ETL's and will replace them with this one). They haven't changed but may do so when they get into a different store...but I hope not.
Jul 28, 2011
haven't had a friend but have heard things that sound familiar. my own ETL, not so new to target - probably been there a little less than i have always tries to talk down to me like i don't know what i'm doing, or should be doing when they have no actual idea of my job description, or what it is that i do all day. its like....actually you're new in YOUR role, and everyone in the store thinks you're annoying and dreads having you come up to them because you think they have nothing better to do than whatever whim it is that pops into your head. my ETL has a tendency of being one of those people who only schiphon trickles of information to certain people to try and "hold power" by holding information, and telling different people different things to manipulate situations. one time, they had me do a "big priority" project for two other ETLs and WHILE I WAS DOING IT was questioned by those two ETLs WTF was i doing? i was like......i'm doing YOUR project, and they were like - "never heard about this" have to take everything they say with a grain of salt. but it's funny - i've been told to "trust" my "leadership" more which is mostly code for "let them eff things up so we can fire them" when usually i'm the one making the game-saving decisions the "day of" for things. its getting old quick. its like....unless its a roll-out of something new - crap stays the same at target. that thing you're doing now? it happened last year. and they year before. and the year before that. also - not everyone's an idiot here like you think they are. they can read between the lines when you say things oh, and also - the ETL doors are not soundproof.

also have been "friends" with former ETLs after they left the company and they still think they know soooooo much more....its like, yeah you SHOULD have a lot more information but really you don't. you know more about all the ****-talk and what ETLs think of TMs, who will and won't move up/around or the business sides of things, but other than that its not that much.

the sad thing is at the end of the day they SHOULD know a ton more than everyone else in the store. but is any of it helpful information to me, or anyone else? probably not. they never know the things you NEED them to know. or they''' "challenge" you to captain it now so not only do they not have to worry about it, now you can get in trouble for not doing it.


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Jun 17, 2011
I had a Cosumables TL coworker i would call a friend that became a ETL-HR. But as soon as she got the job, her personality changed. She started stabbing a lot of older TMs in the back. Would not take applications from older TMs. Became real hateful and easily angered if you ask her for something. Started a campaign telling TMs if they ask for Time Off, they would see drop in hours as well.

Our clerical TM quit because of her. ETL-HR basically nit-picked and redid all paperwork, even though it was complete and correct in the first place.

Granted she was still an upgrade from the previous ETL-HR. But still a major B!TCH,
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